Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty- The HD, Next-Gen Remake

Oddworld is preparing to come back in spectacular fashion. An HD remake for next-gen consoles draws closer to release.

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Ofthingsmanmade1767d ago

You fart on people in this game. :D Enough said.

MasterCornholio1767d ago

And in Abe's Exodus you can possess your farts and turn them into lethal bombs.

I miss those games.

escott0131767d ago

I miss good old Munch's Odyssey. I think clicking in one of the analog sticks was designated for burping? Hahaha, loved it.

ginsunuva1767d ago

It was B while standing still.

Made Munch burp and Abe fart

whitefang19881767d ago

This as far as I can remember was one of the very first games I played with PlayStation. I loved can't wait for it to be free on PS plus. (That's only a guess but it was staged with don't starve, resogun and outlast at e3)

GentlemenRUs1767d ago

It wont be part of the PS4's IGC this year, But I will be picking it up on the PS4, PSV and PC.

WeaseL1767d ago

Hope you can choose to use voice commands on PS4 "Hello" "Follow Me" :)

Tru_Blu1767d ago

If it's anything like tomb raiders voice commands no thanks. They work ok but the slightest backround noise and it suddenly thinks you said pause. So annoying I had to turn it off.

moujahed1766d ago

Yea my game paused hella times, and I had to repeat the word "shot-gun" like a English man in order for it to recognize me.

wonderfulmonkeyman1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Hold up; since when were PS players okay with voice gimmicks?
Did I miss something? Some sort of massive-mind-changing-movement ?
I'm not trying to bash; I'm legitimately and seriously curious as to when this became a thing...

WeaseL1767d ago

You get a cheap Mic with the PS4 and not forced to connect a camera to use simple voice commands.

moujahed1766d ago

I take it you don't even own a PS4 or if you do you have no games that implements it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@ Moujahed: If it makes you feel any better, no, I don't have a PS4.
I'm waiting for a price drop and a decent library of single-player games.
But that's besides the point of my question; my question was, since when were voice gimmicks an okay thing with PS gamers?
Most of the ones I've met, heck, most gamers I've met regardless of system lately, look down on gimmicks period, and now suddenly I'm seeing people who think it's A-OK.

SixtyNine1767d ago

for the love of nostalgia. . I have to buy this.

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