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Xbox One's Top Rated Games According To Xbox One Owners Are Forza 5 And Ryse

Xbox One's Top Rated Games According To Xbox One Owners Are Forza 5 And Ryse. (Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

ShugaCane  +   656d ago
In the replies : "That's because Ryse is a game for gamers, not reviewers. Hands down an amazing experience and the first game I played!"


4Sh0w  +   656d ago
Well he's right Ryse is a helluva game, my only real gripe is they needed more variety in the gameplay for example more weapons and explore more God powers, still the positives like great story , great core fighting mechanic with brutal finishers, production value with voice acting is awesome and of course the best next gen graphics on consoles made Ryse a very memorable game. Definitely underated.
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ShugaCane  +   656d ago
"few" flaws ? I don't think so. The game is repetitive as hell, the finishers are cool but overall the combat system is extremely boring in my opinion. The campaign is short. The story would have been interesting is is wasn't so much historically inacurate. I mean, I wasn't expecting to play a documentary on the Roman empire, but still... They've taken some serious liberties....

Overall this is an average game in my opinion. Typical from Crytek these times : Gorgeous graphics, bland game.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   656d ago
I LOVED Ryse, I can't wait to see where they take the series AND what new God powers etc they add.

The story was EPIC!!!

I would also add KI and Max the curse of brotherhood, if you like Nintendo style platformers Max gives you a small taste of that, I loved it so much, such a gorgeous little game, soon as I had finished I went straight back in to get all the collectibles... was sad when I had done everything.
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Yi-Long  +   656d ago
Ryse is simply a very mediocre game, judging from the fora and reviews.

Forza 5 is a good game, but it's not as good as Forza 3 and 4, simply because of a serious lack of content (only 14 tracks), and a focus on DLC and micro-transactions, plus criticism about the graphics, which were toned down from pre-release gameplay/footage in order to get the 60fps.
Forza 6 is probably the Forza that WILL impress.

I'd say Dead Rising 3 is one of the best exclusives right now for XBO, judging from the reviews.
georgeenoob  +   656d ago
And PS4's top rated games are what? Indies?

I personally LOVED Ryse. It was addicting and had an amazing story. I just found it a little short, I even beat it on Legendary (gamertag: Georgeenoob). Hopefully they make a sequel, Ryse has A LOT of potential and can be truly amazing if they took their time with it.
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guyman  +   656d ago
Quick time event extravanganza!! Pffft... Top 2 on xbox one should be killer instinct and dead rising ... Anything but that joke of a game ryse and microtransaction land
NoLongerHereCBA  +   656d ago
The replies to your comment show that people some people really don't read what you are typing, but instantly want to "bash" on Ryse.

You yourself stated that you really like game but that you want to have more variety in gameplay (which makes it less 'boring'). Then the first reply talks about it like you thought the game wasn't 'boring' in a sense at all.

+ people focus too much on reviews that needed to be done on day 1. I've seen a lot of positive things about Ryse on the internet compared to a lot of the negativity that surrounds it in reviews. Guess it really is a game that you need to try first hand in order to properly judge it.
GamingNerd013  +   656d ago
I personally didn't think ryse was a good game whatsoever everything about it was a complete boring and repetitive game. The only good thing about it was the graphics even then the levels were very blend. As 4 forza it's a great game but easily the worst next gen racer I ever played not with the gameplay as it was really good but the lack of content they removed and the micro-transactions makes it the worst forza game to the series. Dead rising 3 is in my opinion the best game on X1 even though it's not next gen looking and drops to 25 FPS. Last I would say KI is 2nd best game on X1 as it is fun and has good amount of content as well plus great graphics.
truefan1  +   656d ago
I also enjoyed Ryse, I'm just happy XB1 fans are enjoying their launch titles. I don't trust reviews, I prefer to try thing out for myself, I especially don't user reviews with fanboys going in and giving XB1 games zeros for no reason. Ryse set the standard graphically for the next gen and it was a launch title, that's good enough for me.
lifeisgamesok  +   655d ago
Yeah Ryse is fantastic, it has the best visuals and satisfying combat. I can't wait for the sequel
TheKayle1  +   656d ago
well if u can imagine that the most rated videogame on ps4 and i mean on a 400 euro console is a 5 lvl indie horizontal scroller 80's shootemup

ryse for how much repetitive can be... is still on another planet compared to that

i think is better for n4g community that sony fanboys stop to search like crazy to have the first troll post ..they end to fail...always
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IRetrouk  +   656d ago
You talk about review scores vs what gamers think, which is what this article is on about, they can be two very diffrent things, have you tried these games you are so quick to judge negatively?
TheKayle1  +   656d ago
the devs goals are totally differents...and reviewers should take in consideration what goals an AAA game have compared to an indie game...

angry birds is a planetary success..this dosnt mean that also if is FUN replayeable etc etc..can be compared to killzone...

journalist with their ...well i dont wanna comment their skills....are givin higher rating to simply games..that aim at a different goal

sorry for how much cool can be resogun ..is just 3 or 4 lvl bottom..killzone ...and same levels bottom ryse...

just to create the atmosphere and the shaders in killzone they had to lose the half of the entire developing time of resogun...

so pls put away those indie game...just pls
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thatsBangin  +   656d ago
Funny coz if resogun was on the xbone it would rate higher than forza 5 and ryse. Journalists and users rate it higher :)
IRetrouk  +   656d ago
Didnt really answer anything did you?, you are pointing to review scores to prove some kind of point in an article about what gamers feel were the best games. Has nothing to do with indie v AAA, games are games.
christocolus  +   656d ago
They both deserve it. I enjoyed ryse and dead rising3 alot. Im not a racing fan but my brother is and he loves forza5 so much.

I hope ms and crytek get the sequel out soon enough and we already know forza horizon2 is on the way so im happy.
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Volkama  +   656d ago
positive feedback from the people that matter; gamers playing the games.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   656d ago
Ryse? I dunno bout that I'd say Forza and Deadrising.
AceBlazer13  +   656d ago
I would've expected Forza and Dead Rising, but heck, it seems people actually like Ryse. Who woulda thought?

That twitter feed made me sick.
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batbatz  +   656d ago
Morons saying moronic things, surprise
Tedakin  +   656d ago
Killer Instinct is the best game on the system right now in my opinion. Ryse was incredibly underrated and wrongly crapped on. Haven't played Forza much lately. Dead Rising 3 is awesome.
Nero1314  +   656d ago
I agree with you :)
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jimjam3442  +   656d ago
not surprising, i have a ps4 nd im sure the top rated games are killzone and battlefield 4. theres not really that many good games out for either console but the xbox is definately winning.
Riderz1337  +   656d ago
Resogun my friend...Resogun.
jimjam3442  +   656d ago
i definately think resogun is amazing, so is trine 2, but once you beat them they are hard to come back too, and also how do you unlock master difficulty for resogun?
guyman  +   656d ago
" the xbox is definately winning". Lmao, firstly definitely". Secondly no, just no.
jimjam3442  +   656d ago
so you're gonna be "that guy" hmm?

and how about you prove too me why the ps4 is winning so assuredly? because i have one, and if you think it has the better games at this point you're in denial.
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guyman  +   656d ago
Admittedly, xbox currently has a few more exclusives than ps4 Sure you can say this and that about them, however, they just aren't amazing games... Ok, same situation with the ps4. Ps4 is the more powerful system and in terms of games in development, I feel the ps4 has far more up it's sleeve I.e. Has extremely talented first party studios that have been suspiciously silent. We knw what they can produce we've seen it on the ps3. Xbox will get quantum break, titanfall, sunset overdrive and halo this year... Which is fantastic, but can you rely on Microsoft to support the system properly throughout it's lifespan like we know sony will with the ps4? I somehow doubt it.

Btw: titanfall will make its way to the ps4,even if it's the sequel...
jimjam3442  +   656d ago
i agree completely, i had a 360 last gen and youre 100% right about lack of exclusive support, plus i missed the last of us and beyond two souls which makes me sad. bubble for you sir.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   656d ago
Everybody is 'winning' as long as people enjoy their purchases.
iceman1346  +   656d ago
Ryse ?! are you serious ?! man just watching youtubers playing this game makes me wanna die...the game is really really really boring i have no idea how can someone play through the whole game it's more of tech demo than a real game
Chris12  +   656d ago
I've no idea how someone can make such a decision from YouTube videos. I wasn't expecting much from Ryse but genuinely loved it. Having played it I'm not surprised owners rated it. Trying playing games rather than hating on compressed videos.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   656d ago
i was watching a guy name dan streaming ryse on twitch and he look so bored playing the game and it was boring watching him play for 10 minutes..the sound when the player walk is so generic
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Kiwi66  +   656d ago
I think forza 5 is ok so what that it doesn't have as many cars as previous forzas , Ryse i couldn't really get into
Riderz1337  +   656d ago
What...Dead Rising is probably the best exclusive on the Xbox...Not Ryse lmao.

Poor Capcom...They can never win.
NeoTribe  +   656d ago
Man, thats sad when ryse is top game for xbox gamers.
4ShotKing  +   656d ago
Ryse honestly isn't nearly as bad people say, I thought it was actually decent, but my two favourite Xbox One games so far would have to be Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3.
mopground  +   656d ago
yes i was so ready to hate ryse but it was actually an experience i wanted more of! yes the finishing was repetitive but, there was just something about that game that made it enjoyable.
urwifeminder  +   656d ago
I agree they are my most played I do like DR3 but open world games tend to annoy me, ryse has been fun so far still can not get off forza 5 72% achievements done.
No_Limit  +   656d ago
Yup, I have the big 4 of Forza 5, Ryse, DR3, and Killer instinct. All 4 are very good for launch games on XB1. My PS4 has been gathering dust and reduce to netflix, NBA 2K14, and BluRay duty since launch. At this point in time, the XB1 has better games IMO, simple as that. With Project Spark and Titanfall looming, I think it will be my go to system for games until the Sony big hitters comes out. Hopefully soon
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DEEBO  +   656d ago
DR3 and KI is the only games i have for the x1 but i did play ryse and i would give it a C+ but i am happy i didn't buy it.

All of my 3rd party games are on my ps4 because lets face it the ps4 runs games better then the x1.

I want to get forza sometimes but i don't think i can play a sim racer with just a controller GT5 with the racing wheel has spoiled me.

KI is a great game just needs more content,DR3 is cool in chunks but i can't put a lot of time in it because it starts to get stale.
matt139  +   656d ago
Ryse is the most under-rated game this gen for sure. The graphics are the best any console has never seen (It blows kz:sf out of the water) and although the gameplay is repetitive, it is very fun.

The majority of the bad reviews come from sony fanboys who have never even played in their life.
from the beach  +   656d ago
Nothing worse than people who haven't played a game commenting on its quality.

Ryse looks to have gone down well generally so I'm hopeful for a sequel in a few years. Big potential.
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matt139  +   656d ago
Disgruntled sony lovers cannot accept the fact that their precious console's exclusives aren't any way near as good as they were promised back at e3.
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Riderz1337  +   656d ago
Most underrated game this gen? The gen just started lmfao...
mmj  +   656d ago
They would vote Tomb Raider if they didn't have such an inferior version.

Ryse is just a one dimensional button basher with nice graphics, Forza 5 is good but it's disappointing rom a next gen perspective and cut down compared to Forza 4.
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joebeta  +   656d ago
Forza 5, yes, but Ryse? I am struggling to finish Ryse because the gameplay puts me to sleep. Dead Rising 3, or Killer Instinct should be on that list.
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Chrisgamerguy  +   656d ago
I've enjoyed dr3 and for a the most, but ryse was a great experiance and the graphic so good
Lilrizky  +   656d ago
I bought ryse. The genre it represents is the type of game I like. I enjoy games like god of war, dmc and uncharted but it couldn't keep me interested a couple hours in. Should give it another chance.

Although, I think a sequel has a lot of potential. If they open it up and expand on some ideas it could be what AC2 was to the original
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cruzngta  +   656d ago
Both games showcase the power of the X1 in certain ways. KI and DR3 are great as well. All 4 are nice options to have since launch and I have all of them. Nobody makes a 'perfect' game like so many people like to think. Take every game at its value for what it is. Ryse is great looking and a heavy based hack and slasher which can get repetitive BUT that is the way they built it - if its not for you then DONT buy it. Forza 5 is an amazing looking game - a little shallow on tracks and cars compared to the last installments but they had a deadline and did the best they could. It is great nonetheless and the people who play and like Forza know what I mean. If you dont like it then dont buy it or put it down because you dont really have to worry about money not being spent on a game you wanted to be good. All in all, both look amazing and have done pretty well for 'launch' titles. Look forward to sequels.
kewlkat007  +   656d ago
Xbox one had some quality launch titles..for a new console.

I beat Ryse,Dead Rising.
Playing Killer Instinct and that Golf game on and off. Getting Black Flag next then jumping back to the Xbox 360 for lords of Shadows 2, Lightning returns and Tomb raider. (The cheap edition).

If I had a Ps4 probably that arcade shooter to wet my lips and would've of waited for something.
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MachineGunnTalk  +   655d ago
I enjoyed ryse, hoping they release a sequel to it.

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