Flappy Bird gets an update on iOS - Get new birds, night time mode and more!

WP - "For the longest time, Flappy Bird on iOS and Flappy Bird on Android were two very different animals. Just today, though, Dong Nguyen and .GEARS finally put out the Flappy Bird update on the iOS"

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colonel1791768d ago

but doesn't play better. It's more or less like the Android version, which it's easier but the iOS version used to feel more precise.

Abdou0231768d ago

There were night times & re birds before !!!

My problem is the game doesn't always register my touch, the Start button is a definitive example.

mantisimo1768d ago

You can't polish a turd. Well you can according to mythbusters.

It scares me as to where gaming,s going the casuals gobble this rubbish up encouraging devs to make more.

Awful. Simply awful.

colonel1791768d ago

Not because this game or a very casual games gets popular, means that gaming is going that direction.

Do you remember snake? It's the same thing.

jollygoodchap81768d ago

people are always gonna make mini games like this, they're called time wasters for like when you're waiting at the bus stop or something.

Very naive to think gaming will go this way because of a free game released on phones and tablets is popular.

What are you expecting? A massive epic RPG/shooter/etc...that takes hours to beat? People have consoles for that.

KwietStorm1768d ago

How many articles are going to be submitted about this thing?

pyramidshead1768d ago

Wondered why all of my friends wondered why mine turned to night time on every other try. They all have iPhone 5s why I have a HTC One.