Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review – Imperfect Execution - The Koalition

The Koalition writes: "Dragon Ball Z is easily one of the most popular and widely recognized animes of all-time. Even people that don't know what an anime is, know and love DBZ. Unfortunately, that same level of respect and wide adoration does not extend to the vast library of DBZ-themed video games for one simple reason: they are usually not that great. I am a huge fan of the franchise as a whole, but I'll also be one of the first people to recognize its rapid decline to mediocrity over the past several years. This constant struggle for identity has led the franchise to continually attempt reinventing itself to little or no success and, unfortunately, Battle of Z is no different."

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rbailey1768d ago

Another disappointment and I can't say that I'm the least bit surprised.

CrossingEden1768d ago

Yup, somebody better pick up that phone because I called it the second I saw the first gameplay trailer.

N4OGs1768d ago

why cant you people just stop buying these dragon ball z games? just play the old ps2 ones or something.

VTKC1768d ago

theres no pleasing. you will always get people moaning about something about a game of their favourite franchise

Lord_Sloth1768d ago

They should go back and Expand the Budokai Formula. Tenkaichi's gameplay model needs way too much work.

DarkBlood1767d ago

I rather become the super sand lesbian lol