Microsoft Studios staff hint at wide range of secret Xbox One games

Portfolio digging unearths some cryptic asides

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Kingthrash3601771d ago

so many secrets....smh.
i wonder where thos 360 games are? they said they'd support it for 3 more years. all i heard so far was titan fall.
'sides who dosent have "secret" games in development....smh ms are kings of overblowing the obvious.

Bundi1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Project Spark, Fable Anniversary, TitanFall.
Also this is not an announcement of secret projects, this is an article by someone who dug into people's portfolios and discovered unannounced games/projects.
MS did not write this article and since they didn't announce secret projects, they aren't overblowing anything. Quit getting your panties in a bunch mmkay?

Kingthrash3601771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

pantys in bunch...fable
so you sayin ma never said they have unannounced games in development? like they did when they said they had a huge announcement....which turned out to be the purchase of gears and an announcement of unannounced games. no, really they announced that they had unannounced games in the the stuff i mean by overblowing the obvious.
i dont have my "pantys in a bunch" this is what they do.
oh and a fable remake isnt really "supporting" the 360, i mentioned tf,,and project spark..ok i forgot about project what then?
i bet they will support it by having sports games the next 3 years.

Snookies121771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

@Kingthrash360 - What's wrong with Fable Anniversary being listed? That's a 360 game, and Fable 1 was my favorite. No reason people shouldn't be excited about that. That's like saying FFX|X-2 HD and the Kingdom Hearts HD titles aren't supporting the PS3... When in fact, I'm personally looking forward to FFX HD more than most brand new games coming out around the same time. (Although I REALLY am looking forward to some of those as well.)

GameNameFame1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

that was mentioned.

MS always had weaker list of first party studios.

and this gen, MS seems to be weaker overall in terms of first party studios compared to last gen.

Vojkan1769d ago

No s..t
what else are they going to say?
"We have nothing in works".

Shocking news! MStudios are making games for X1!!!
stop the presses

kickerz1769d ago

So happy I bought an xb1. Assassins Creed and FIFA 14 will keep me going until Titanfall next month. Love competitive online gaming :)

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mhunterjr1771d ago


Gotta love you're logic... "MS isn't supporting 360 any more...and no those three highly anticipated games don't count"

Kingthrash3601771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

i never said tf didnt man fable remake dosen't ...ya' know what... yall wanna sit here and be blind fine. but you cant look me in the face and tell me ms has been supporting the 360 the past three years. smh my logic? mine= noticing the last big new ip for the 360 was...wait for it ... alan wake in 2011. Alan Wake tho. ps3 last new ip? two souls. a mere month before ps4 launch in october...before that was the puppeteer...and before that tlou. all in no kuni too...smh but yeah yall logic of support is a fable remake a multiplat tf and spark. these ps3 games i mentioned are only on ps3, not to mention sony has vita games to put out too. smh. tf will be great yes it will..honest to god thats my opinion. spark...maybe i need to see more but thats 3...count um 3 games and tf will be the 360's newest big ip in four years...what sad is its not even a 360 exclusive, nor will it be the best version.
look im not trolling.. its just the truth. is it really this hard to ignore what really going on?
same for resolution factors...all a sudden it dont matter. but when 360 had it over ps3 it was all the rage.

mhunterjr1770d ago

I don't think MS has done a good job supporting xbox for the past 3 years. But but your comment was about a lack of games at the present and missing support for the NEXT three years.

we know that their are some highly anticipated games coming to the platform now and in the near future. So your question "where are those 360 games" makes no sense.

Borma1769d ago

In fairness at least for exclusives, MS does not seem to be building their own games for the 360 as console exclusives over the next 3 years. Just for an example, of those 15 or so titles, and the ones you guys mentioned earlier, none are exclusives to 360. 360 has 80+ million systems out in the wild compared to 3+ million for the Xbox One, there should be a few exclusives for the 360.

malokevi1769d ago

past =/= future ??!?! Now you've lost me.

lifeisgamesok1770d ago

Microsoft is bringing what matters the most

Awesome exclusives

kingdip901769d ago

Let's hope so and let's hope it happens soon otherwise those people who hear rumors and announcements like this and buy an xbox one in response will feel very robbed if it doesn't happen.

Any company being vague with its content can end up with any hype built being a blow to that companies trustworthiness if it goes tits up.

MS and Sony need to be careful with tactics that involve false promises.

SLUG1769d ago

thats what happen with nintendo false promises i just hope it does not happen with xbox one

Mr Pumblechook1769d ago

"Microsoft Studios staff hint at wide range of secret Xbox One games."

Halo 2 Anniversary
Fable 2 Anniversary
Gears of War Anniversary
Perfect Dark Anniversary
Banjo & Kazooie Anniversary
Halo 3 Anniversary
NEW obscure Japanese RPG
Fable 3 Anniversary
Viva Piñata Anniversary
Halo ODST Anniversary
Gears of War 2 Anniversary...

TheForwardUnto1769d ago

How can you forget about the glorious "Barbie: Super Anniversary Edition" 20/10 right their!

aviator1891769d ago

Microsoft has only done two anniversary games thus far in the entire 360's near-decade run. No anniversary games has landed on the x1 yet and none have been announced, so I fail to see the point of your comment.

Mr Pumblechook1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

@aviator189 " No anniversary games has landed on the Xbone yet and none have been announced, so I fail to see the point of your comment."

Microsoft already alluded to the fact that Anniversary editions will be used to fill the software drought. Halo 2 is incoming and just a couple of days ago Phil Spencer said that Fable Anniversary might be coming to Xbox One.

What purpose would that serve when a brand new update has just been released- Just a slightly better frame rate? I'm actually am happy about Halo Anniversary games but Phil Spencer's comments indicate a Microsoft that will play it safe with game releases.

aviator1891769d ago

@mr pumblechook
I never said that anniversary titles will never hit the x1. And of course I'm aware of that potentially true leaked list by a neogaf member. In my comment, all I said that none have been officially announced or landed on the x1 YET.
And my point was more geared to my emphasis that ms is unlikely to go on an anniversary-releasing frenzy in the quantity that you, in your above comment, suggested (that all of their secret, unannounced games are anniversary games with the exception to one japanese rpg game.

Mr Pumblechook1769d ago

@aviator189 Whilst the meaning of my words is sincere, obviously my list is a tongue in cheek exaggeration!

from the beach1769d ago

Your list is downright hilarious given Sony's penchant for 'HD Remasters' and re-releasing the God of War games in every possible configuration.

corvusmd1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

@Mr Pumb...and sadly I'd look forward to the addition of all those games along side all the new IPs more than anything I have seen on PS4 yet...which is the reason I cancelled my pre-order till they build a quality catalog instead of Infamous Anniversary, KZ I ran out of games that are even on the radar already...

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CrossingEden1769d ago

So since when do YOU decide what does and doesn't count as supporting a console? Would you kindly get off of your high horse.

christocolus1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Not again. Whats with you? Do you always have to go offtopic? Get over it dude and stop living in the past. That was the xbx 360 and this is the xbox one. Things change or dont they?

Ontopic : Atleast ms wasnt joking when they said they would push games with more than a billion dollars this gen and it seems Phil is certainly putting that cash into good use.

Im sure Xbx fans are so glad to have a true gamer incharge of the xbx team this time. I hope alan wake2 , conker, pd and kameo2 are among these secret projects. Great Job Phil.

Automatic791769d ago

Love how you keep trolling X1 articles. You should invest in system and games before having anything to say.

Note no wonder you are not getting taking seriously just check your disagrees and history.

jgrigs091769d ago

Maybe you should work on your english before you make any comments.

Automatic791769d ago

Grow up I was speed typing.

idontcare1768d ago

Hey ... can't wait for Titanfall eh?

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Benjaminkno1771d ago

I like that MS included Kinect in every box.

You're still better off playing last gen atm.
WiiU has a few gems, but I'm looking forward to seeing what MS does to convince me why I should by an XBOne.

I hope they do really well.
XBOne appears more reliable than its predecessor.. so far.

I'll wait for a price drop before I even consider.

XiSasukeUchiha1770d ago

Hmm a wide range of games huh like take a quick guess what they are FPSs 3rd person FPS, racing, and finally one RPG! so is it really wide range!

TrueJerseyDevil1769d ago

Ugh... Stick to the PS4 articles fanboy

R3ddBuddah1769d ago

Lol, He didn't once mention a thing about PS. Pathetic insecure child.

TheForwardUnto1769d ago

Please madam, the PS articles are that way ----->

R3ddBuddah1769d ago

Also that way is the butthurt, broken hearted Xbox Articles.

Bundi1769d ago

A 3rd person first person shooter...mind = blown!

TrueJerseyDevil1769d ago


He bashes xbox and praises PS4 on every PS4 or something bad about the PS4

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AutoCad1769d ago

lol @ people hating MS now for having unannounced games.

AnEwGuY1769d ago

That's N4G in a nutshell. But we all know this is actually just an undercover Sony fansite. ;)

04STIBluByU1769d ago

Buddy have you ever heard of the term? Fool me Once...Shame on YOU....Fool Me Twice...Shame on means people learn from their mistakes and try not to make them again...Did it ever occur to you that not everyone is foolish? Most gamers on this site have seen MS's and Sony's track records from the OG XB to the XB1 and PS to that time frame Sony has always backed their home consoles with great games and always transitioned properly, whilst MS gave up on the OG XB, had a great sprint with the XB360, Notice I said SPRINT!! This is a don't come in pumping your fist saying where's my crown at the starting prove your worth to everyone by going the distance...MS had great games in the beginning but blew their load early on...then for the final years of the console came out with Great Sequel's but not much else...Anyway if history has any bearing on the future, it's that Sony has a better track record for producing more games for their gaming customers. MS needs to prove themselves to the gamers better than they have done prior. N4G is for gamers my friend. We are Gamers, this is where we invest our time and money. Gamers aren't blind to their passion, we know what we want!

AnEwGuY1769d ago

I don't know who you THOUGHT you were replying to...but that long, boring comment had nothing at all to do with mine.

BTW, about the "This is a don't come in pumping your fist saying where's my crown at the starting prove your worth to everyone by going the distance" part...that's EXACTLY what Sony has done so far this gen, as well as the "gamers", like you, who think Sony can do no wrong. You've already counted MS out, before the "marathon" ever got started. Hypocrite much? ;)

04STIBluByU1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I was talking to Autocad...and I know I was because I hit the reply button associated with his account! BTW I didn't count them assumed that part...I stated they needed to prove themselves to us gamers!

Gozer1768d ago


MS has more than proven themselves worthy in the console business. They have brought plenty of wonderful games over the past 12-14 years. Ps3 will never catch the 360 in NA. They took their share of gamers with the 360. So I don't see how MS needs to prove anything to you. As far as lies told, do you remember Sony 2005?

04STIBluByU1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

To Gozer:

MS proved that having a 1 year head-start, being easier to develop for, and being cheaper will garner you success. I feel like they messed up with the XB1 in those areas. MS also has some great exclusives, but they need to invest in more because its exclusives that really help give a console long legs in a marathon. I never said anything about lies, I said FOOL, meaning Kinect (remember the 1st one), which does great for navigating the menus and turning things on and what not, but I as a Gamer want games not gimmicks! Yes MS took share from Sony and that is good for business and competition, which in turns gets us gamers better gaming experiences. Let's see how this Gen turns out with level time release dates of both consoles, but not so fair in price, I bet what I said in the beginning of this post will play out, cheaper console jumps to the lead and the console with games will win the marathon

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southernbanana1769d ago

I noticed there were very few people trolling in that article.. Glad I own both consoles. :-)

urwifeminder1769d ago

Good stuff MS will be much gaming pleasure ahead for me to enjoy.

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