ND's Bruce Straley Thinks Tearaway & Papers Please Should Have Won Award For Innovation Over TLOU

ND's Bruce Straley Thinks Tearaway & Papers Please Should Have Won Award For Innovation Over TLOU.

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Irishguy951773d ago

Yeah, but nobody votes for innovation.

The last of Us wasn't like Uncharted -> Fanboys believe it is now innovative.

psman0121773d ago

I am a huge fan of TLOU, and I would agree that it really isn't that innovative. They have a basic crafting system (like...VERY basic), the shooting mechanics were similar to Uncharted, the cover system was great but it's nothing's all in the way that Naughty Dog put these great mechanics AND MORE together in a big old melting pot and made an unforgettable journey out of it. But that's just my opinion.

On my fourth play through now!

No FanS Land1773d ago

The game uses every of its mechanics perfectly, and it is very polished, but it is still a common game. And it is also very linear.

Milruka1773d ago

Game wasn't policed, It wasn't even in 720p.

goldwyncq1773d ago

@ No FanS Land

Not that there's anything wrong with being linear.

Why o why1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Other games should of won the innovative award over tlou yes but how many sites have a standalone innovation award. I seldom hear people who enjoyed tlou claiming it was the most innovative game of last year, just that it was the best overall game of last year.

At no point did the goty have to be the most innovative to be shortlisted.

LordMaim1773d ago

@Milruka: I'm assuming you mean polished rather than policed. And if you believe that game wasn't polished, then no game is. The game rendered natively in 720p with post-processing AA.

@Why o why: Completely agree. Games should always try to innovate, to avoid stagnation, but innovation on its own doesn't necessarily mean a better game. Just like mutations usually result in offspring that dies, rather than a stronger generation. Think about games like Dark Void which was the best worst game ever made. So much missed potential, but enough innovation to be worth playing. No one would ever call it GOTY, however.

An expert chef can make a much better dish than you could with the same ingredients. Naughty Dog may not have reinvented the wheel with The Last of Us, but they sure as hell made a better one.

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Allsystemgamer1773d ago

Uh they don't argue it's innovative. They argue that it has a near perfect blend of common mechanics mixed with a great telling of a common story. Get your facts straight. Xbox hasn't had anything innovative in a very very very long time

LAWSON721773d ago

I still dont understand how anyone could think of TLOU as innovative. It was great but innovative...WTF.

It is more of a facepalm than seeing Bioshock Infinite win shooter of the year

BlackPrince 421773d ago

Gameplay wise it wasn't innovative. Very very good, but not innovative.

I suppose you could argue there was some innovative storytelling techniques used though. Certainly in regards to the last couple of chapters.

Megaton1773d ago

Tearaway is an amazing game.

LordMaim1773d ago

Tearaway is proof that MM has more creativity in it's studio than any I've ever seen. It continuously amazes me that such unconventional gaming projects are given the finances and freedom to bring them to completion.

Seeing this comment right next to the one below it, each delivered with absolute certainty... All I can say is you gotta love the internet. No, seriously!

LinkOnABoat1773d ago

Tearaway was terrible. MM need to stick to LBP. XD

WeAreLegion1773d ago

You didn't play Tearaway. That's the only possible way your comment would make sense.

Inception1773d ago

All of my friends love it, even friends who always prefer 3DS over Vita love it too. It surprised me when people like Linkonaboat said Tearaway was terrible. But just like you said, the only reason why he said that because he never play it.

captainexplosion1773d ago

MM does need to stick to LBP. Tearaway was really good, but LBP is one of the greatest platforming series of alltime.

SoulSercher6201773d ago

I'm pretty sure you didn't play LBP either.

solidjun51771d ago

former account: Fanboybeatdown. He'll just create a new one.

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