Head2Head: Battlefield 4 Screenshot Comparison And Video (PS4 Vs. Xbox One)

Lens of Truth Writes "Welcome back all, and happy New Year. Its been a while for sure but we’ve been hard at work configuring our hardware to capture the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The differences we found this time around are easily seen in our rollovers and may just set the stage for what the future of most screenshot comparisons to come!"

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RudeSole Devil1770d ago

Not so sure about that buddy, textures maybe slightly more detailed on PS4 but the Xbox One lighting is way better.

PeaSFor1770d ago

your local otpometrist need to see you.

MorePowerOfGreen1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Dam I can't believe how much of the PS4 version's lighting and shadowing is missing. Sony taking shortcuts to get better res. I wonder how many more games are like this. Nice to see something from media that wasn't in Sony's pockets.

You are right about the lighting and shadows. This was taken from a owner of both consoles on reddit

Slide red bar Neogaf and Eurogamer/Digital foundry played this difference off as "over sharpening" "over saturated" LOL The better lighting and non washed out colors is Overshapening! and Over saturation! They just swept PS4's missing shadows under the rug.

Digital Foundry and IGN were caught lying about PS4 version of games. They said the reviewed 1080p versions of games before the PS4 was even patched to display 1080p, the COD devs called them out.

Kayant1770d ago

"Dam I can't believe how much of the PS4 version's lighting and shadowing is missing" - Same can said for the XB1 version in some of those shots.

"Sony taking shortcuts to get better res" Yes because SCE obviously mandate the development of all third-party games or even their studios for that matter /s

"I wonder how many more games are like this. Nice to see something from media that wasn't in Sony's pockets" - Really now..... Loool

"Digital Foundry and IGN were caught lying about PS4 version of games" - Am pretty sure iirc it was only IGN that was called out and it was the community that called them out and not IW devs. Nice spinning. Digital Foundry don't do their analysis before the news came out.

Dat Edit -

"Neogaf and Eurogamer/Digital foundry played this difference off as "over sharpening" "over saturated"

DF never said anything about over saturated colours. They talked about over sharpening which can be seen in almost all XB1 games so far excluding Ryse the XB1's upscaler. The amount of spinning you do is amazing. Misterx must be proud.

Muffins12231770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

No....its not lighting what your seeing,its cheap shadows,they just put a black blob right behind that guys hand on the xbox one version without any direct light source on it,the ps4's lighting is more dynamic and it dose not look like ass.Its so funny lol,theirs not even any light shinning on that hand in that direction and they just put a black mess behind it lol.

CernaML1770d ago

PS4 renders at a higher resolution and still runs at a better framerate. So yeah, Id say the PS4 wins hands down.

whitefang19881769d ago

Okay I've kinda had enough of all these articles. I know how both look because I own both versions and on my 50inch led Sony is miles ahead. Just get over that fact and move on people. Ps4 is more powerful its not opinion its fact end of, no argument to come back with.
As for all these people saying about lighting. Lighting can be adjusted on your TV to make drastic changes.
Its not a big deal

sigfredod1769d ago

There is no worse blind than the one to refuse to see, lol

BallsEye1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Lighting effects and AO missing on ps4? First shot no AO at all on ps4 Oo Tons of shadows missing in underwater scene. Look at the seat belts. SOme textures slightly sharper on ps4 but definately XO have more ambient occlusion and shadows. You must be blind to not see it.


Wow the experts on N4g....and so many agrees you got prooves how clueless people around here are. The blob you are talking about is AMBIENT OCCLUSION! Stop spinning the facts...

Megaton1769d ago

So in the few months since this buggy mess launched, all of a sudden they took away the PS4 version's dynamic lighting and gave it to the bone? Is that what I'm reading?

cozomel1769d ago

Wait so it doesnt matter that the PS4 version runs at a 56% higher res and a better framerate than the X1 ver. what matters to them now is that the X1 has AO?! (and honestly, i dont like AO, sh1t looks cheap, and they need to come up with a better technique to do that effect in my opinion)

Wow! they just keep sinking to new lows eh? The PS4 is the more powerful machine, deal with it!

dantesparda1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

"The PS4 had the higher internal resolution, a considerable performance lead in motion, and the addition of extra effects such as horizon-based ambient occlusion entirely missing on Xbox One. But now, with the retail releases out in the wild, we can see to what extent this disparity is set in stone, and whether DICE's implication of further tweaks to the Xbox One release actually makes up any ground."

"Moving past image quality matters, we're pleased to see HBAO reinstated on Xbox One as promised by DICE's tech guru Johan Andersson, who specifies that it uses the "same tech as PS4/PC". In practise, the effect is most easily spotted as a light shade around a player's gun when approaching a wall, and pulls the Xbox One release in line with Sony's platform as far as effects, lighting and shadows are concerned. "

"the AO on Xbox One was one of the fixes that didn't make it into the review copy but will be in day1, same tech as PS4/PC"

According to them, the PS4 version has HBAO

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AngelicIceDiamond1770d ago

Yeah PS4 has this one.

Its not a 50% faster difference but it does look better.

windblowsagain1769d ago


It is a 50% difference, because it's.




And the PS4 version runs faster as well.

IRNMUNKEY1769d ago

@ windblowsagain

hmmm I thought the res was:

900p on PS4
720p on Xbox One

KimoNoir1769d ago

Screenshots will always be flawed when it comes to calling out resolution difference. Uncompressed footage is the only way you will notice higher resolutions. Otherwise youll just see shitty compressed photos and videos with a tiny ass phone screen of a low resolution.

cozomel1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


Wow really? And you got all those agrees to? Just goes to show how ignorant and dumb MS and delusional fanboys are and how divorced from reality they are

How does it not show that the PS4 is 50% percent faster than the X1 when the resolution alone is over 56% higher than the X1's. Thats a 56% difference right there There goes your 50% right there. And thats not even counting the better framerate, which means the PS4 version is preforming over 56% percent better than the X1. And this is a fact, not some fanboy nonsense, like you all spew. Numbers dont lie, fanboys do!

So you're right, its not 50% faster, its over 56% faster than the X1 and thats the fact. Now get off your delusional fanboy horses and come back to reality before you all look even nuttier than you do now

AngelicIceDiamond1769d ago


You mad? Callin me a "fanboy" and what not. Your just throwing out numbers with no proof behind it.

Even if it is 50 or 56% faster here it doesn't seem to be doing that much.

Take your nerd rage else.

Wow, can't believe I just got nerd attacked.

VENOMACR12271767d ago

You have to understand @cozomel is a child. His PS controller is too far up his ass to have any rational interaction with him.

He blocked me because he didn't want to talk, just throw around curse words, because thats what children do. Don't try to make sense with the trolls.

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Majin-vegeta1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

For stating facts?Hell look at the pix Morepower linked.It;s missing stuff compared to the PS4.

@tedakin Yes,I can and that's the benefits of 20/20 vision :)

@Oh yeah Except this has nothing to do with PC.Or otherwise I would agree with you.

Tedakin1770d ago

Really? You can see a difference? Really? No you can't. They look identical.

ABizzel11769d ago

Yes there is a difference, maybe not mind blowing, but it's there.

PS4 has better textures (look at Irish face)
PS4 has dynamic lighting (soft and dark shadows are cast appropriately)
PS4 has better fog + illumination (look at the fog on Shanghai map)
PS4 has higher resolution (900p vs 720p)
PS4 has smoother image (XBO upscaler sharpened jaggies and all)
PS4 has a more consistent framerate (PS4 50 - 60fps, XBO 40 - 60fps)

The majority of this would go unnoticed by anyone who's not playing the game side by side, except maybe the fps since the XBO drops frequently to 45 - 55fps and there are rare drops as low as the high 30's when destruction's going on, while the PS4 version generally stays at 55 - 60fps, with a rare drop dow to the high 40's.

All of this might be insignificant to you as a gamer and as a single platform owner, but the fact is the PS4 version is the better version on a technical scale. And for potential and future multiconsole owners, it helps us decide which version to get, or which console to get first.

Oh_Yeah1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Pc hands down. 1080p 60fps no sacrifices, no pay to play online. Pc for multiplat, PS for all the other games, wii u for your kids, and xbox for....idk? a door stopper.

sigfredod1769d ago

WOW LOT site is still live? i was sure they were closing down, months since last post from them lol

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PeaSFor1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

nah its pretty much dead since digital foundry stated to do comparison/analysis.

ABizzel11769d ago

I agree somewhat, but Digital Foundry can be a bit to technical for many of the lesser minds on n4g, so it's still good to have options.

Iamnemesis48801770d ago

Does not matter after the new patch the game looks so bad

Tedakin1770d ago

nearly 3 months later we're still doing BF4 comparisons?

Naga1770d ago

Right? This poor horse has been dead for a very long time.

HappyWithOneBubble1770d ago

I was thinking the same thing. We already know PS4 is the best version. I guess lensoftruth need some hints.

SpitFireAce851770d ago

I think we all know which console is more powerful now
its all up to the devs to show us...