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GIZORAMA - There has been a lot of negative feedback towards Steam’s Early Access programming, mostly because it releases lower quality games, often for the same price as a standard release. As such, I feel that previews of Steam Early Access games should all be accompanied by the following disclaimer, so as to avoid senseless repetition: This game is buggy, unfinished, glitchy, poorly balanced and slow. It is a concept and an idea, one that is still being worked on, developed and fleshed out – as such, this preview will be more of a look into what the game could be like when it releases proper, and whether the fundamental foundations and systems already in place are well designed and interesting enough to warrant your purchase. Capiche?

Kenshi is an odd beast. Bucking the trends set by most games that take place in dystopian settings, Kenshi is a hardcore, squad based, free roaming strategy/RPG. It’s main focus is on giving the player a “normal life” – not in the sense that they drink tea and watch Coronation Street all day, that would be boring – in the sense that the player is just one of many people trying to make a living in a harsh, barren world of bandits, thieves and cannibalism. After creating a character in what is a fairly complex creation tool, the player can choose an origin, be it that of an old war veteran, a survivor among wounded friends, or a lone wanderer.

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sdozzo1771d ago

I've seen this game kicking around literally for years. Hope they get their big break.