Jet Pilot Rising Released for Super Nintendo

Triverse writes, "Side scrolling shooting games on the Super Nintendo were fairly popular. Titles such as Thunder Spirits (coverage in issue #1 of RGM), Gradius III (slo-mo without special controller) and Phalanx to name a few all blew through the skies and space on the SNES. Homebrew developers are not resting on their laurels in this field though as Jet Pilot Rising proves."

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ClydeRadcliffe1769d ago

If I were to make a copy of Jetpack Joyride, I'd probably leave Jet out of the title. That said, awesome that the community is still working on SNES stuff

Retroman1768d ago

wish good ol days of side scrolling games make a come-back on ps4-ps3 physical disc not DLC psn crap.