Gamers Want Iwata’s Head, Why Not Hirai’s?

Both Sony and Nintendo have reported dire financials recently; here, we profile the position of both Kazuo Hirai and Satoru Iwata.

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GraveLord1773d ago

Gamers don't care about Sony as a whole, only Playstation.
Playstation is doing fine.

All Nintendo does is video games. 3DS is doing OK, Wii U is a flop.

Chaostar1773d ago

Nailed it.

Also Kaz became CEO after Sony had gotten into trouble and has been working ferociously to turn their fortunes around ever since.

NewMonday1773d ago

we are gamers, not stockholders

FarEastOrient1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

As a shareholder of these companies we expect gamers to enjoy games. It's not expected for everyone to understand that yes Nintendo has $5+ billion in cash. While the same writer didn't mention that Sony had $16.38 billion in cash for the same time period. Also keep in mind Nintendo has only one serious division, while Sony has many that can be sold off from the company.

Eddie201011773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Sony's gaming division is doing very well, PS4 is selling very well, games for PS4 are selling very well. That's why not.

Vegamyster1773d ago

So is Nintendo's, 3DS & PS4 are doing great while the Wii-U & Vita are in the same boat.

dark-kyon1773d ago

well psvita is fine in japan,bad in dudebroland and europe,wii u is bad in every place.

KonsoruMasuta1773d ago

Dark-kyon, the total numbers of Vita's sold in Japan isn't that great either. Compare the Vita's total to the 3DS's total. You will see that the Vita is getting obliterated by the competition.

Vegamyster1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )


Assuming Vgchartz are somewhat accurate.

Last week:

Wii-U NA-20,459 EU-9895 Japan-9039 Total: 42,318 Sold

Vita NA-3733 EU- 10,242 Japan-22,386 Total: 41,809 Sold

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KonsoruMasuta1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Selling more than 42 million so far is a little more than just "OK". Compare that to the competition's dedicated handheld

I do agree with you on the WiiU though. It has been a far. Nintendo can turn it around though.

R00bot1773d ago

Playstation isn't doing fine. PS4 is doing fine, VITA may as well be dead.
Nintendo is doing better than Playstation. 3DS is doing incredibly, Wii U is close to dead.

moparful991772d ago

Did you forget about the PS3? Sony has two major gaming products doing very well not to mention all of their games and PS+, music unlimited, video unlimited, and soon to be PSNow... Playstation as a whole is doing far better than nintendo...

Bennibop1772d ago

Would not call vita dead either as it has started building momentum also software sales are on it are very high (which is where the money is made.) lots of good reasons to pick up a vita not so many to pick a wiiu. I own both both vita is on everyday where as my wiiu has not been turned on in about 4 months

R00bot1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Ok, PS3 is doing fine. Maybe it'll make back the millions it lost when it first came out?

Also, did you hear the news? Sony had a 1.1 billion US dollar loss. That's four times what Nintendo had. It's okay if you didn't hear the news, it was taken down by the N4G mods after getting approved (and reported a bunch of times). Also, Sony recently cut their PC business, and their TV business is next. Sony is in bad shape.
I'm not saying that Kaz should be sacked or anything. I really like the direction he's taking Sony in. But it's irrational to keep saying Sony is doing well and Iwata should be fired. Sony isn't doing well.
Playstation is the most profitable area they have right now, it's keeping them afloat.
And I'm not sure why you brought up PS+, music unlimited, video unlimited, and PS Now.

Playstation as a whole is doing well, Sony is not (also, it's hard to tell which is doing better, Nintendo or Playstation. I mean, Nintendo has the fastest selling console ever right now, PS3 doing okay and PS4 smashing it doesn't change the 3DS's incredible past year. We'll have to see how the PS4 does in the future to judge that).

While the VITA has built a bit of momentum, even the Wii U has built more, in half the time.
And you haven't turned your Wii U on in 4 months? You mean you didn't pick up 3D World? You should probably get that, it's a brilliant game.

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McScroggz1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Well that's simple. Iwata and Nintendo are only satisfying a small segment of the most fervent Nintendo enthusiast while Sony is satisfying a fairly large segment of gamers in general. The former is perceived to have a negative future, while the latter looks positive.

Note: That does not mean that Nintendo can't have great games on the Wii U, they have and will. That doesn't mean the PS4 won't have big disappointments.

Now, the difference is Kaz is has to worry about all of the different branches of the company whereas Iwata just has gaming. With all that being said, it seems like Kaz has promised big changes and has been slow to affect them (though the recent news is the first step). I'm not going to pretend like I know enough about the other elements of Sony's branches to know whether or not Kaz should be fired, or at least on the hot seat. All I know is the PS3 had a huge turnaround and the PS4 is in a great position.

With Iwata, it could be said that two of the last three Nintendo home consoles are failures with the one success an aberration. I just feel like fundamentally Nintendo needs change. I wouldn't even lay the blame solely on Iwata, I think it's the entirety of the company. It's needs new blood coupled with the old guard to help Nintendo join the modern gaming industry without losing what makes Nintendo special. Honestly, it's not an easy prospect.

Majin-vegeta1773d ago

Ummm Iwata has been in office since 2002 longer than Kaz has.It's barely going to be 2 years since Kaz took over.

Kaz no want gamers want and he delivers Iwata on the other hand oh boy.

GamersHeaven1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Wait what? Kaz is in a totally different position than Iwata is.Nintendo as company=Gaming Sony as company=Gaming,Movies,Music,Mo bile etc add the fact that PS4 is dominating and perfected nearly every thing from previous generations why the hell would we want Kazzys head?

R00bot1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

'Cos the VITA is dead.
The reason people want Iwata's head is because the Wii U is nearly dead.
It doesn't make sense.

Flipgeneral1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Not to mention when Kaz WAS in charge of the playstation division during the launch of the ps3, we were blessed with $600, giant enemy crab, Ridge racer memes.

What I'm trying to say is his head was on a stake at one point in time as well. Playstation did a 180 last generation and is the front-runner this time around.

What a silly article

Silly gameAr1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Really trying to push these agenda pieces hard on N4G.

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