Battlefield 4 for PS4 is a beautiful mess (2D-X)

Battlefield 4 had its share of problems. When the fourth installment of the always-entertaining military shooter franchise was released on November 15th , there was the expectation that the game would work. Well, maybe not flawlessly, but that it would playable. Battlefield 4, after some work, is actually a very good game.

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Minute Man 7211771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

80 to 90% of the time the game lags, unacceptable. This reviewer is lying about Dice fixed the online

Fishy Fingers1771d ago

Mine ain't that bad. Am I lying?

Kevin263851771d ago

Mine isn't that bad either. I am on the Xbox One and only have had a couple of issues since the last patch in January.

JoGam1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

On the PS4 the new problem is when u grab the bomb in mode Defuse it will mark u with the bomb. The other team knows your every move.. Fuckin annoying.

TheGreatAndPowerful1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

And on the Xbone its an ugly 720p mess. lol Actually it's ugly for both..some days this game works flawlessly and others it's just a big old crapfest. Check out some of the posts made for some of the issues people have to suffer with for this game. It's not pretty.


TheGreatAndPowerful1770d ago

And I thought the PS4 version was bad...yeah I'm going to stop complaining about a lag a few crashes. lol

[Xbox One] In my opinion, we are still in Battlefield 4 Beta testing. Here's a series of glitches still prevalent after the latest patch.

bumnut1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

It it makes you feel better its still twitchy on PC too.

I bought every BF game since BF 1942, BF4 will be my last as they don't deserve to be successful any more.

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deadfrag1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Maybe your connection is not up to it.Even if a developer makes the best net code in the world if your connection is weak nothing is going to save you from LAG.This will happen in P2P servers but also on dedicated servers.

swishersweets200311771d ago

I have 100mb down internet. It lags and jitters like a crack head jones'n for a hit. Its the game not peoples internet.

thehitman1771d ago

@Swish maybe its other people lagging and not you. Does your own screen jump or does other people jump and jitter? I have no problems on BF4 other then conquest mode which I believe is too huge for DICE's own good. I think 32v32 with tanks, tanks, water, buildings falling etc... is too ambitious and think that is the source of the headache for DICE and gamers.

People expect everything to just magically work when there are so many things to take into account that can cause shit to just fuck up.

GuyThatPlaysGames1770d ago

Just because you're having all these problems doesn't mean everyone else is. I play about 6 hrs a day and I maybe see a handful of lag or any bugs. The game is nowhere near as bad as everyone is trying to make it sound.

danny8181771d ago

Lol even tho its a buggy mess i keep going back to it. Its a beautiful mess. Ghost is just plain trash imo. I sold it for $35 :/

Stapleface1771d ago

It works fine for me, that is until I get an error code. That is getting pretty old. You play a few rounds, things are going good, no lag, hits are being detected like they should. Then BAM, kicked out of the game right to the ps4 report error screen. Love the game, minus that. I would play it a lot more if I didn't get pissed off every time. If I could go a few session with out that happening it would be nice. But it's every time I try to play.

James Vanderbeek1771d ago

I love the online but it can get frustrating sometimes. I swear i shot people with a full mag but they kill me with 2 shots. i know the other day i unloaded on this dudes head before he went down haha. sometimes gerenades dont seem to do any damage too but i get killed by mini ones with full health. just one of them. anyway this game is 100 times better than call of duty online. i tried to go back to that and it just wasnt the same. traded it in for tomb raider.

dazzrazz1771d ago

Sold it yesterday got mine money back :D

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