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Rockefellow1686d ago

Seems like a good day to release a demo, as the PSN updates on that date. It'd be a nice surprise to have a release date at the end of it.

1686d ago
Meltic1686d ago

rather a release date than a just 6 min demo.

adventureghost1241686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

It would be awesome because that's my b day

Fishy Fingers1686d ago

What miserable bastard disagrees with that.

adventureghost1241686d ago

Yeah, seriously, like whats to disagree? Do people not believe its my birthday?

UncleGermrod1686d ago

haha, what's wrong with people?

Deadmonkey761686d ago

Happy early bday hope ya get tons of games save me a piece of cake or else

adventureghost1241686d ago

I will, its Ice cream cake man

theDivision1684d ago

Mine too, would love some dying light action on my birthday.

matrixman921686d ago

hope its not that same demo they have been showing for months.

Ninjatogo1686d ago

Wouldn't be that bad, as we'd finally be able to try it, rather than watch someone else.

Meltic1686d ago

i hope its not a timer demo. I hope its a beta with more open World to run and have fun with. Or a release date. I hope that instead of a demo.

BX811686d ago

That would be great, also the 1st Xbox Dashboard update as well if I remember correct.

Globox20121686d ago

I'd like a demo, but I'm guessing its probably not.

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The story is too old to be commented.