Bundle Overview - Indie Gala I Expansive DLC

Cubicity is the first title in the bundle and probably the most obscure of the lot. Originally an Xbox Indie Games title, it’s been moved over to PC and is currently vying for votes in the depths of Steam through ‘Greenlight’. It’s definitely got plenty of ideas going for it; the point of the game is that you are hanging from the roof of each level, and in order to proceed over to the next, you have to take a key black block to a small area. In order to accomplish the task, players have to grab various boxes and items with a magnet so the key block can make its way across successfully. The puzzles are mostly well designed and give the ‘oh-so necessary’ rush when you complete a particularly challenging one.

Where the game falls down, however, is its control scheme. Quite often it feels fiddly and unhelpful, with items often being dropped where you don’t want them, or at weird angles. The plot is also very tacked on and almost completely unnecessary.

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