Sony Santa Monica Hiring Seven Interns for the Summer; Crunching for a PS4 Fall Reveal?

Sony Santa Monica has been hiring quite actively lately, and looks like they aren’t stopping. Yesterday the prominent first party developer, that we know has one or more unannounced PS4 games in the works, published a whopping seven internship opportunities for this summer.

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Majin-vegeta1772d ago

I have none of those But i'll still go for free just to see what they're working on ;D

Abriael1772d ago

Yep, that's gonna get you hired for sure :P

xHeavYx1772d ago

I'd work at their offices even if I had to be the guy getting coffee ready

Pintheshadows1772d ago

I reckon something will be shown at E3.

sprinterboy1772d ago

I can see E3 being the best ever this yr, god only knows what E3 2019/20 will be like

pyramidshead1771d ago

E3 should be stacked for all major players this time. Not sure whether they'll stagger some at previous events.

But definitely E3 this yes is one to watch.

AnteCash1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Man last few days there are alot of news comming out about playstation games. xD

BlakHavoc1771d ago

God I just want this amazing studio to reveal what they've been hiding for the PS4. Good thing it's not another GoW though!

SynestheticRoar1771d ago

Kool a new IP is always welcome thanks.