Jazzpunk - As We Play I Expansive DLC

Jazzpunk is billed as a first person adventure game, although with its focus on exploration and almost total lack of any actual puzzles, it’s actually structurally closer to such interactive fictions as The Stanley Parable or Gone Home than, say, Frogwares’ Sherlock Holmes games. In fact, with it’s uniformly stylized population, surreal spy adventures and utterly bizarre but extremely colorful world, you might find that the game is quite similar in style, if not in execution, to Brendon Chung’s freeware classic, Gravity Bone.

In Jazzpunk you play as a secret agent known only as Polyblank and are tasked with a series of missions in an comedic and cartoonish alternate reality, cold-war cyberpunk setting. While the central missions themselves are short, there’s a lot more content to be found from wandering around the game’s various, chaotic stages than can be found through simply completing the game, and the player is encouraged to go as off-course as possible through the carrots of...

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