A better look at the Mario Kart 8 boxart

Amazon France has posted the European boxart for Mario Kart 8.

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BlackWolf1770d ago

Looks awesome!! This is a really good box art.

jcnba281769d ago

Yeah it looks badass but it says "provisoire" (provisional in french) on the bottom let hand corner so I doubt it's the final box art.

AKR1770d ago

Really is an eye-catcher..

If Ninty plays their cards right and runs a big advertisement blow-out with this; the Wii U will definitely soar. Just ask 3DS what got it's engines revved up (pun, entirely intended) when it was having it's early-life woes.

Let there be a bundle; you better believe Wii U will take off.

link2Dpast1770d ago

Ive said it before, make a bundle with a collectible kart in the bundle, downloadable charterers via code and you have yourself something very tantalizing

Geobros1769d ago

Impressive the box art but.....I hope we will play the game soon too.

deafdani1769d ago

It's already been confirmed for release in May by Nintendo; we will have to wait a little bit more.