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Outlast is the scariest game ever, by a mile. Playing on your emotions at a constant rate, all you want to do is survive this amazingly horrible nightmare. The enemies that seek to do you harm are just the appetizers to the main course of scare offered by the games incredible sense of despair and atmosphere ingredient. While character designs could use more work, this is more than forgivable after walking from the asylum.

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hankmoody1775d ago

Hoping this make its way to the XB1. Seems like this will be the case. If not, I guess I'll get to play this when I eventually pick up a PS4.

SteamPowered1775d ago

How the hell can Sony give away this gem for PS4, and Xbox users can look forward to......dick all for X1. 360 Games with Gold are ok. But man, Sony, you are nailing it with PS+.

Thirty3Three1775d ago

Finally an ACCURATE review :)


stavrami-mk21775d ago

yea i can see why its a 9 ..... i won't play it though had a go today and after an hour i just couldn't handle the tension ..

TruthBTold1775d ago

Lol, I started playing yesterday and barely got into the building before I decided to save and continue on the weekend during the day lol. It's all the things peor say about how scary this is that has me scared before I even see anything that actually frightens me. Funny thing is I am always looking for scary movies to watch but I guess since video games you are more immersed you do get frightened much more.

stavrami-mk21775d ago

i'm actually not a fan of horror films but occasionally i get pulled in by a preview that looks good,but i aint seen a scary horror prob for25 years i think when your a kid you take the fear in more .but i genuinely must say this game gave me the hebe jebe's , nice setting ,fantastic music ,dark ,intense and utterly insane .although i only played about 45 mins i like what i see although i was annoyed about battery life thought it took the piss a little .the thing with me is i play these games in stealth mode like I'm playing thief or dishonoured and i don't think its the way to go at all .i doubt i will revisit it it made me feel uncomfortable lol

TruthBTold1775d ago

That's why I put it on normal so my battery might last longer. We'll see if I can manage to play it tonight. Last scary movie I saw was the exorcist. The rest have been interesting in a scary way but not anything I would sleep over. Games just pull you into the story more. Silent Hilll 2 was another game I loved but took a bit to finish.

iiwii1775d ago

I did the exact same thing. Got it installed started up. Made my way into the Asylum, started up the hallway and made it into the air duct system, and felt like if I played it any more, I wouldn't be getting a good nights sleep (had to work the next day). I'm going to try it over the weekend... during the daytime, lol.

Squeaky_door1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Even for what it is currently, a game given to Plus subscribers, how does this game even warrant anything above a 7? Beat it and then rethink this games worth. I give it a 6.5 out of 10(on the universal system applied to most games) and that is in no way a bad score for what this game is.

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The story is too old to be commented.