Gone Home finds 250K sales, most on Steam


Gone Home, the emotional exploration game from indie studio The Fullbright Company, has sold 250,000 copies, founder Steve Gaynor tells Joystiq. Roughly 80 percent of those sales were through Steam, he said, and 50,000 of them were in the first month.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1771d ago

thats it from their 75 million subscriber lol

Come to PSN

Thatguy-3101771d ago

If it's critically acclaimed I'm pretty sure a lot of ps3/4 gamers will eat it up. Just look at Journey!

BobbytheBuilder1771d ago

im surprised a game with that much press only sold 250k, but im pretty sure it was profitable

Pandamobile1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Lots of press, but it's still not a game that appeals to a lot of people, apparently.

250k sales for an offbeat indie game is still pretty solid though.

Soldierone1771d ago

How come they are afraid to call visual novels by their name outside of Japan? I personally love them, but when you call it a game, it kinda throws you off. There is a difference between an full interactive experience and a press a button to continue visual novel....

curtis921771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Awesome experience that would be a treat for PS+ users as a free game. Didn't feel it was quite worth the $20 pricetag on steam given that I finshed in just under 2 hours.