Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL Bundle Leaked

A Yoshi-flavored 3DS XL appears to be coming out alongside Yoshi's New Island for £199.99.

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RosweeSon1768d ago

Noooo, with a pikachu, luigi and gold zelda 3DS XL alongside a club nintendo mario original 3DS, I don't think I can justify another one in the collection, already had to get rid of my launch day aqua, and then my awesome original zelda one, but I had to go XL! And besides was able to transfer all my data over including my OCD inducing activity log. A yoshi one would be awesome tho, I had to get the Luigi one as he's been in Mario's shadow far too long, Luigi is by far the better brother, he's green for starters, but wasn't overly impressed with the design it is cool, but surely they could have done a proper mad luigi mansion console instead of a pretty tame luigi silhouette one ;( hey ho still bought it gotta love luigi ;) still boxed tho, Ive currently got pikachu and his nipple cams giving me the eye! Prob get rid soon and transfer to the gold zelda one... Or the smash bros one?? Epic!

Geobros1768d ago

This bundle is really impressive....

3-4-51767d ago

I think they should have done a SNES theme picture of Yoshi on there instead of boring dots/circles.