Why Sonic Boom Will Be the Most Important Sonic Game In Years

Hardcore Gamer: Sonic Boom has left countless gamers in a stupor simply with how drastically different the game is from previous Sonic games.

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ChaosKnight1770d ago

Well all it needs to do is be competent and it will have the others beat.

pcz1770d ago

sonic colours were cool

but sonic is too inconsistent.

the game does look great but its likely it will suck

TheEnigma3131770d ago

This game looks good. I'm a huge Sonic fan, but what's up with knuckles?

caseh1770d ago

He's definitely on the roids.

Billybobjoey1770d ago

It looks great, I'm definitely picking it up for Wii U, the only change i'm not so keen about is Knuckles, looks like he's been using P90X and forgot about his legs.

SteamPowered1770d ago

I cant even recall playing a Sonic game in the last 8 years or so. So yeah, this one has a really good chance of being the most important.

TheEnigma3131770d ago

Sonic Generations was pretty good. You should try it, it's fairy cheap now.

SteamPowered1770d ago

Maybe I will do that. What platform Cochise?

Venox20081770d ago

sonic colors as well :) On wii.. generations is on pc, x360 and ps3 and different version on 3ds

TheEnigma3131769d ago

it's on the 360 and ps3. I think it's the best since the dreamcast one.

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