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Metal Gear Solid 5: Kiefer Sutherland discusses voicing Snake

24 star describes the recording process as "unbelievable," says it won't be long until films are made using video game techniques. (Industry, Kiefer Sutherland, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Megaton  +   357d ago
Oh yeah, I forgot this was a thing. Kojima changing Snake's VA.
-Foxtrot  +   357d ago
You try so hard to forget it then BAM, it hits you in the face unexpectedly

God he sucks at voicing Snake so bad

He just calls him..."The character"
sinspirit  +   357d ago | Well said
I understand liking Hayter more, but, Sutherland is not a bad voice actor whatsoever and he is a much better physical actor for the facial animations.

Snake is what Kojima makes him and he didn't want him to have the same voice for every age and emotion. Naked Snake is old and his voice has changed. This game is supposed to be more emotional and Kiefer is far more experienced for acting for the animations. You like Hayter more personally but don't pretend Kiefer isn't good at what he does, otherwise he wouldn't have so much credibility and wouldn't have been chosen for this position by the one who envisioned the franchise in the first place.
-Foxtrot  +   357d ago
He is bad, come on...he just sounds like himself voicing the character.

It's Jack Bauer not Snake
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Lord_Sloth  +   357d ago

Watch the horrid attempt at adapting Dragon's of Autumn Twilight into a movie. He did some VA work in that.
FoxHound_  +   357d ago
I think Kiefer is a good middle ground between Hayter's Big Boss and Doyle's Big Boss. I still think more of Kiefer's Big Boss needs to be heard before an appropriate judgement overall can be made. I personally enjoyed him in the Red Band trailer.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   357d ago
Like I said before if it was really about facial animations why does the Japanese version have the same voice actor. Akio doesn't look the same as Big Boss yet he is still being used.
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Potnoodle999  +   357d ago
Very well said @sinspirit I used to have a problem with it, but I'm used to the idea now and am actually excited to see what he does with the role.
I think people including myself grew attached to hayters voice as being a part of snake (even though this is big boss) but kojima made snake everything he ever was and will be, people should have a lot more faith in this decision.
ZombieKiller  +   357d ago
I still don't agree with the change but honestly, it's been a while since my last Metal Gear experience (I'm trying to build the hype even higher) and I have to say, I'm starting to get adjusted to it. I say give him a chance.

Maybe this will open the doors for Kojima and Avi Arad to make a Metal Gear movie and make it good. Who knows? Half the reason these gaming movies suck is because the producer and director don't know or like the game. Sinspirit: I have accepted what you said in "Snake is what Kojima makes him"

You are too correct... and Kojima has not steered me wrong before. I am thinking this is one big Kojima joke where Hayter will be Snake in TPP. Remember MGS2 and the Raiden mix up? Seems all too familiar...
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Tainted Gene  +   357d ago
What Kyosuke_Sanada said. F---ing well said. I still don't get how SO MANY ppl don't realize this
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CrossingEden  +   357d ago
FFS stop being so overly negative about every little thing. We've barely heard the performance and so far I prefer Sutherland over David Hayter's cartoony and overly raspy voice.
teknx  +   357d ago
I'm still holding out for this being a Kojima troll. But the GZ demo had no mention of Hayter, so chances are grim.
-Foxtrot  +   357d ago
Well it's either one or the other

Kojima is the biggest troll ever and we'll laugh at ourselfs in years to come


Kojima is a massive douche who has lost his god damn mind.

After the the Ground Zeroes debate lately I think it's the latter
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Imalwaysright  +   357d ago
Massive douche because he decided to change the voice actor of the character he created?
-Foxtrot  +   357d ago
That and the fact he treated him like crap...not even a phone call to say he wasn't coming back. You know after 15 years

The fact he obviously cut the intro to a full on game to try and sell separately

Oh and don't forget the price for only being 2 hours

I'm sorry has everyone just forget all this in like a few days....jeez


There's that line again "wait till it comes out"....you do realize they have released a crap load of stuff for the game to pass judgment.
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moujahed  +   357d ago
Sound a little butthurt there. You earlier post on this topic seemed logical now it's beginning to seem as if you have something against Hideo Kojima. David Hayter made for a great Snake yet if some other dude was selected then you all will be petitioning for him to return. Hideo Kojima now has a professional actor... Sad thing is you all won't even wait till the game is released to pass judgement. You all act as if he chose Ben Afleck or something.
Joe913  +   357d ago
Dude a duoche for not callIng after he was snake for 15 years lol. That's business I have seen ppl get tossed out a company that they worked at for 20 years. When it comes to business ppl do what they feel is better.
Imalwaysright  +   357d ago
You make it sound as if Kojima owes something to Hayter. Almost as if Hayter was doing him a favor by voicing the character. That is just ridiculous.

Kojima has more than earned the right to choose who he wants to voice a character from the franchise he created more than 25 years ago and he certainly doesn't have to explain himself to Hayter.
Pozzle  +   357d ago
"Dude a duoche for not callIng after he was snake for 15 years lol. That's business I have seen ppl get tossed out a company that they worked at for 20 years. When it comes to business ppl do what they feel is better."

That doesn't contradict his point though. It's still a douchey thing to do, regardless of what business is doing it.

Yes, Snake is Kojima's creation and he can do whatever he wants with the character. But based on what we know, Hayter genuinely thought he was still working as Snake's VA. So a simple "sorry, you're not voicing Snake this time around" would have been the decent thing to do. I mean, it doesn't hurt to be polite to a guy who's helped bring your character to life. I'd be thankful to him, not ignoring him and refusing to let him know wtf is going on.
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LastDance  +   357d ago
Imalwaysright - When they remade MGS1 for Gamecube David Hayter sacrificed half his salary to pay for the other voice actors to re do all the voice work.

Kojima is nothing without the people around him, including Hayter.
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robothouserock  +   357d ago
Everyone remembers MGS2, when we played that badass tanker mission, thinking we were Snake for the long haul and then BOOM... who the hell is this blonde dude??
OrangePowerz  +   357d ago
Not really a new technique, but than again he has no idea about games so for him it must seem like Sci Fi.

Movies that use CGI characters use this already anyway. For any movie that uses real actors it's useless.
Rodney25  +   357d ago
screw kojima hard for this crap
Zefros  +   357d ago
I still think Hayter is Solid Snake and Keifer is Bigboss/Naked snake.
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sobekflakmonkey  +   357d ago
I'm assuming you're talking about the story of the game, that would be pretty cool, but I dunno, I don't think that's gonna happen, I'm okay with Keifer though, I'm sure he'll do fine.
Zefros  +   357d ago
Agreed,but i think it's also weird that hayter would play 2 roles, because Bigboss is now in his 40s and his voice will have to change, thats why i think keifer is the perfect guy for it, and Hayter will give us Solid Snake, but if he will be in MGS5 is another question, i don't think so, maybe Solid snake will be there as a kid? This might be the game where at the end we see the cloning project.
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moujahed  +   357d ago
Well said, I am sure with everyone making a big stink of this. Whenever Solid Snake makes his return I am sure David Hayter will be asked... Now will he accept is the question.
Dasteru  +   357d ago
People seem to be forgetting that Naked Snake and Solid Snake are not the same character, Naked Snake is Big Boss before he became Big Boss. Technically Keifer is replacing Richard Doyle, not Hayter.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   357d ago
I guess the reason why the people focused on Hayter was because of the story of how he was treated when he approached Konami about it.
Chapter11  +   357d ago
MGS3, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker say hi.
Daniel133784  +   357d ago
Am I the only person who is thinking that this is all a ruse?
let me point out this: lets say David Hayter is involved with MGSV but the producer/director does not want the public to know yet. David Haytet would have to say that he is not involved in MGSV

This is like when Nolan North was asked if there was a Uncharted 4 being made he had to say he didn't know anything cause Naughty Dog did not want the public to know about the next uncharted at that time.
robothouserock  +   357d ago
Maybe Solid Snake makes an appearance in MGSV and they didn't want him to do Big Boss and Solid Snake's voice in the same game?

I know its wishful thinking (and maybe impossible depending on the time setting of the game), but it is interesting nonetheless. Besides, weren't there other clones in the Les Enfants Terrible? How crazy would that be, having Hayter do the voice of a pre-Solid Snake clone in MGSV? Chills, brah.
Im actually really happy kiefer sutherland is voice acting snake instead of david hayter<--not sarcasm
LastDance  +   357d ago
Sutherland has absolutely no diversity in his voice. It just sounds like Kiefer doing a Kiefer impression. Lame.
imtheman2013  +   357d ago
GS: "David Hayter, who had portrayed the character since the original Metal Gear Solid in 1988." 1988... *facepalm*
Meltic  +   357d ago
Remember in MGS1 first mission in the beginning when he says( This is snake Conolel can you hear me ). In the backround the credits goes. Its says David Hayter. David hayter will Always be the best. Nobody can replace him. And mgs1 was the best 1
BoNeSaW23  +   357d ago
_FantasmA_  +   357d ago
Just because the guy doesn't eat, sleep and poop snakes, doesn't mean he can't pull it off. I think he is good actor and who knows, maybe know that he has been involved in game, he might become a gaming fan, a Metal Gear fan, or may want to do other video game voices. I always cared more about the story and depth in Metal Gear, no the pitch of some dudes voice. While many of us are used to Hayter, I feel like he forces his voice to hard to sound deep. Sometimes I think its actually think Christian Bale is voicing Snake.
Deadpool616  +   357d ago
I don't mind Kiefer Sutherland voicing Snake, but I'm really curious as to why he's voicing the other character Ishmael in "The Phantom Pain" as well.
moujahed  +   357d ago
Ishmael is Snakes good inner conscience. That flame guy that blew everything up in the hospital is his evil inner conscience.
madara0sama  +   357d ago
If Solid Snake shows up in MGS V with Hayter as the VO then I'm fine with this.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   357d ago
I'm not holding much hope for this MGS title, health regen, Hater being replaced, short playtime to cost ratio. From what I've heard of Sutherlands voice it just don't sound right.
Gardenia  +   357d ago
"Sutherland takes over the role of Snake from David Hayter, who had portrayed the character since the original Metal Gear Solid in 1988."

I think he means 1998

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