Elder Scrolls Online Beta Is Live Again, Don't Share Any Gameplay Videos

The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta has returned for another weekend. This beta event, like the previous ones, forces players to abide by a non-disclosure agreement.

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kryteris1770d ago

im not all impressed with the feel of this game, questing just feels blah. The weapon system, skills look good enough. Combat is ok, but so far dont see the point in paying a sub for this. Hopefully it will have epic end game and pvp that defines the genre, but so far I have doubts.

joab7771770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Just wondering...are u an mmo vet or r u coming at this from a Skyrim angle. Just wondering b/c I hav seen such vastly different opinions. Certain ppl that love mmo's love the 1st person, uncluttered HUD and seemingly vast areas. And some sp players hate how the quests r generic and how the mmo structure forces everyone to do the same things.

kryteris1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

mmo, class/weapon customization and the world are great but this is something we have all seen and done many times.

If the end game and pvp is mind boggling then I might be able to endure the boredom to get there. Ive done the beta 2x now and it just puts me to sleep.

il-JumperMT1770d ago

Its just a SP game with Co-Op. It does not warrant monthly fee.

joab7771770d ago

How do u know this? Has anyone seen the endgame content? Most ppl spent hrs and hrs and didnt make it out of the starting zone.