Microsoft Game Studios Head Reacts to D.I.C.E. Awards: Praises The Last of Us and Forza

Microsoft Game Studios Honcho Phil Spencer has always been quite fair when talking about the competition, and he shown the same attitude yesterday, when he commented on the results of the D.I.C.E. Awards, from which Naughty Dog's The Last of Us came out with a landslide victory made of ten top honors including Game of the Year, while sparing a word of praise for Forza 5 as well.

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Angels37851287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

But the last of us is highly overrated guys!!!!!!

Just because critics....developers...
and the heads of the company that I devote my life to say its a masterpiece doesn't mean its good!!!! im not crazy!!! It sucks!!!

The last of us sucks!!!!!


OT: the last of us is truly a masterpiece and I enjoyed every minute of it

For those who don't get the sarcasm......its pointing at those who discredit the last of us' s accomplishments (usually from the Microsoft side) with literally nothing to back it up. Its acclaim is universal and they should be commended.

hankmoody1287d ago

I'm borderline curious as to what the point of your point is.

darthv721287d ago

His point is to point out that there is no point in making points about anything.

Angels37851287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

You must not be familiar with n4g antics.......or sarcasm for that matter

Edit: Couldn't agree more dboy

And people read the first sentence and missed the sarcasm unlike you

Thatguy-3101287d ago

People say that the game is overrated and that only sony "drones" praise it like no tomorrow. The game is loved by both gamers and developers.

GribbleGrunger1287d ago

Yes but there's no need to draw attention to it. It's one thing 'responding' to people you disagree with, it's another bating comments you disagree with.

creatchee1287d ago


"People say that the game is overrated and that only sony "drones" praise it like no tomorrow."

The thing is, nobody says that. The game has universal acclaim with critics and gamers alike. Angels is stirring a pot that doesn't exist.

Outside_ofthe_Box1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

***"The thing is, nobody says that"***

Define "nobody." I do recall, during VGX especially, a lot of people saying TLOU was overrated and doesn't deserve GOTY and that GTAV was much more deserving of the honor.

MysticStrummer1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

@creatchee - This is at least the second time you've said something that made me wonder if you even read what people say here. Yes, there are XB and Nintendo fanboys on here who do not fall into the "universal acclaim" category when talking about TLoU. They say it is overrated.

Edit - That's fine, by the way, but don't pretend it doesn't happen.

creatchee1287d ago

Okay fine, maybe some idiots call TLOU of us overrated or just a game for "drones", but is it really that prevalent to post as Angels did?

Skizelli1286d ago

Opinions do vary. My brother and I personally loved the game. The gameplay itself wasn't anything to write home about, but the character performances, the environments, and the story were all pretty great.

A friend of mine disagrees, however.

PudgeySan1286d ago

This comment made my morning haha, You my fellow friend are awesome.

PeaSFor1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

haters can hate all day long and whine about how Ellie dont go all "leeroy jenkins" when you play stealthy, it will never change the fact that i enjoyed the HELL out of the game.

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erathaol1287d ago

Wonder what Naughty Dogs trophy room looks like.

Uncharted 2 and Last of Us awards everywhere.


Angels37851287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

They probably have a few rooms by now....and are getting a new one for their future projects :)

Don't forget uncharted 3 awards too!! Heck I think even the first won some.....

PoSTedUP1287d ago

*goes to open door*... ... ... "the door wont open, something is blocking it from the other side".

its not a room anymore, its a solid square block of trophys once considered to be a "room" or "space". XD

psman0121287d ago

@Angels - the first one was actually my favorite of the three! I think I beat that damn game at least 6 times...

SteamPowered1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Ok Angel,
Cant get the lid off your new meds?

dasbeer881287d ago

I'm still hesitant whether one should cuss the hell out of Phil Spencer or actually give him a pat on the back for saying something generous to his competitors.

Spurg1287d ago

He always say good thing about the competition...
People tend to think he is one of those Ms douche bags when he's're highly mistaken.
People think he a douche since he announced the price for the console at E3...he wasn't the one responsible for the pricing....the higher up were.

He is gonna be one of the reason why Ms will pump out more exclusives.

B-radical1287d ago

Phil really is the best guy at MS he listen and talks to peeps on twitter and hes bringing some games along and giving updates

Syntax-Error1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

He didnt announce the price at E3, Mattrick did. Phil Harrison and Phil Spencer have always been the head honchos over there. He IS the higher up. Not only is he responsible for the pricing, he's also the one that defended it. With that being said, he's also a good guy. He has no problem giving credit where its due. He was the one that congratulated Sony on it's launch. He likes games...period. You're right, he will be the sole reason MS will make sure their exclusives are top notch.

Angeljuice1286d ago (Edited 1286d ago )

" give him a pat on the back for saying something generous to his competitors."

It's not like he could be very positive about anything Microsoft released for the 360 in 2013, so it's a case of "say something positive about Sony's titles and 3rd parties or say nothing at all."

Microsoft took another gap-year in terms of 360 development last year.

Spurg1286d ago

@Syntax-Error was Phil Spencer that was on the stage when the price was announced.

Phil is head of Ms game studios....the console price, specs and all that should be in other peoples hands....(I might be wrong)

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hankmoody1287d ago

I mean, it's just an opinion that people have. If they come on here crying that it's overrated, it's just that. An opinion. If it wins GOTY at DICE, does that necessarily mean that anyone who disagrees is wrong? No, not at all.

Now, if people are saying the game is overrated without playing it, then that's just ridiculous. Not to mention stupid.

I did get the sarcasm in your remark but why waste your time with all that? To rub it in the faces of those who aren't crazy about the game? I just think that in order to make N4G a better site as far as forums and comments go, this kind of response is what we need to cut back on and we can all just go the decent, mature route and not feed the trolls while acting like one ourselves.

Me? I think the game is great and worthy of contention for GOTY status but I find that it lacks any kind of replay value personally. Like I've said before, you give me a choice between GTA V and The Last of Us to take to a desert island and GTA V will win that decision out. The Last of Us might have the better story but as an overall package, GTA V wins out.

Then again, that's just my opinion.

shinrock1287d ago

I like how you think. Bub up 2 u.

thegreatklemba1286d ago

Well i personal think gta 5 sucked and that ending made me never want to touch the game again in my life and had such a bad time with the online i wanted to burn the game on a very large stick. The last of us i played at least 5 times over and still play the online from time time to time. I returned gta 5 after the 5th time my character got erased online.Trevor was the only saving grace for gta 5 that made it remotely interesting. I also think the sandbox game play is the freaking boring and the same since vice city and I've been playing gta games since the very first one. Vice city was the last very good gta game I could actually go back to and replay
then again, this is just my opinion

ThePope1287d ago

Im an Xbox fanboy and The Last of Us is the best game I've ever played.

cell9891287d ago

I know for a fact you are an xbox fan, so the honesty is well appreciated

ThePope1287d ago

I was at my buddies the other day and he has a PS4, and we were playing Madden. I have to be honest while the new controller is awesome, its too wide. it felt really funny in my hands, especially coming from the Xbox One controller which is like holding a scale model of a controller, its just a lot smaller (which I like)