Here's what Sony needs to include in future PS4 updates

PSU's Adam Byrne writes: ''With the PlayStation 4’s latest update (version 1.60) firmly nestled in consoles right across the globe, attention now shifts intently as to what Sony has up its collective sleeves for proceeding updates...''

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play17boy1769d ago

Removing notifications for when people log on and off has been really pissing me off.

This article also forgot one thing too being able to hit the PS button when a message pops up and being taken directly to that message.

I'm loving the system aside from those few gripes!!!

OwNizzleD1769d ago

I kind of like not having the notifications for logging on and off being removed it could be distracting sometimes. I do think people should have the option though. If a friend wants to play a game they just message me anyways.

Ra30301769d ago

Dear Sony.....I'm starting to be concerned about my 500gig Hdd. Not enough room. I'm sorry you did we'll buy adding this to start but we're running like a thoroughbred now even more so in a couple months and there will be none room left of the 500gig to store all the great games. Please add flash drives in the next updates or better yet a external hard drive capability. Thank you

medman1769d ago

You do realize that adding a bigger hard drive to the ps4 would have increased the price, yes? What is your problem anyway? Why are you waiting for Sony to solve a problem you could easily remedy by installing a larger drive yourself? Sony made it EXTREMELY easy for users to do. Stop whining.

weirdo1769d ago

the ability to pause downloads, please

patrik231769d ago

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