Amazon Buys Double Helix Games: Pressure on Traditional Markets?

Will companies such as Gamestop feel the pressure if Amazon enters the gaming market?

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Eonjay1768d ago

First, I assume that DH's commitment to supporting current projects is probably legally mandated through contract. Second, I assume that the IP for Killer Instinct stays with Microsoft (not sure though). DH was a huge public supporter of the Xbox One architecture so its sad to see them part from the platform. Then again who really knows what Amazon is planning. Maybe they want to be a publisher and acquire a bunch of Dev teams to pump out content for all platforms. All signs seem to port to a console though...

SteamPowered1768d ago

Gamestop should be fearing digital games more than Amazon. Amazon buying a game studio is an....odd choice. They dont even have the medium for a game yet. Are they doing consoles or Cell phone games?
Either way, I can see the Amazon entry into gaming being short lived and quickly forgotten.