What Next for Nintendo?

PlayMagazine writes: "For so long the glimmering jewel in the crown of the video gaming industry, Nintendo has had a tricky time of it lately. The Wii was a huge success for the company, at least on the surface of things, but discounting that system, it’s been a long time since the Japanese giants could honestly claim to be one of the major players in the home hardware space, and that doesn’t look like it’s about to change with the Wii U. Although the console is Nintendo’s current flagship device, it’s unquestionably underpowered compared to its competition, and while it’s got a healthy first party lineup of software available and on the way, third party support looks to be diminishing with each passing month – something that never bodes well for the future of a console."

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dedicatedtogamers1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I think Nintendo needs to concentrate on making the 3DS an even bigger success (imo, 2DS was a great step in the right direction). More RPGs and more 1st-party Nintendo games (sidescrolling Metroid, plz) and then also please add in more quality-of-life games (Nintendogs and Brain Age on 3DS were really poorly handled. Give us something good).

Wii-U will limp along for a bit longer, but I don't think Nintendo can hold off any longer than launching a new console in 2017. Wii-U will then have its small but loyal legion heralding it as "a true successor to the Gamecube" (which is why it's sales suck) and the rest of us will get a true successor to the Wii, which is what most people want.

ClydeRadcliffe1768d ago

Yeah it'll be all about the DS family as the article mentions, but hopefully a HDS hybrid system. That'd make a lot of sense

SteamPowered1768d ago

How about some Cross-Console play between the 3DS and Wii U? Maybe bring your animal crossing character between the 2. Or Pokemon, or Fire emblem. If Nintendo could find a way of marrying the 2 consoles, it would help build off the success of the 3DS.
If all else fails here is a 3 step plan for Nintendo;
1. Super Smash Bros
2. Mariokart
3. Zelda Wii U
Do those simple steps in any order, and the gamers will be mollified.

guitarded771768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Nintendo does have an app for Wii U that marries the 3DS version of Animal Crossing. It's not the same as playing on both, but it's there.

EDIT: Here it is... Animal Crossing Plaza

SteamPowered1768d ago

Nice. Thanks Chief, I will try that this weekend. Maybe breathe some new life into AC for me.

vitullo311768d ago

pokemon wii u... problem solved

mcstorm1768d ago

I think Nintendo should start to market the hell out the Wiiu like they did with the Wii but show off all the Nintendo games like windwaker, Mario 3d world etc but then also show it has some of the big 3rd party games like AV, COD etc as this may make people look at the Wiiu over the ps4 and Xbox one because they can still enjoy cod etc but pay less for the console.

But they also need to show the big fan base of the Wii (mum's and young family's) that there are also games for them to enjoy like Wii party U, Wii fit Etc. This is one place the ps4 and Xbox one lack at the moment and Nintendo should take advantage of this too.

I do think the Wiiu is a very underrated console and I have enjoyed mine sine the day I got it. But that said I don't think any of the new gen consoles are bad.