Two Hours, Too Short? Questioning The Ground Zeroes Fiasco

The recent news that Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes can be completed in under 2 hours has sparked quite a wide array of reactions. Here is one from the resident MGS fanatic at Gamemoir.

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3 p I c1774d ago

No need for even questioning it.. Yes 2 hours is too short. Especially once you get into the game.. 2 hours will feel like 30 minutes.

zeal0us1774d ago

2hrs is alright its just the fact you got pay $30-$40 bucks for it that is insane. Konami could just save themselves trouble and make it digital-only and charge $15. That and or they could bundle it with an upcoming game. Pay $60 get Castlevania:LoS2 and MGS:GZ.

hay1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

2 hours of main story, let's generously say there are additional 4 hours of side ops, makes the game 100% complete in one sitting. There are better options for 40$.
But then again, there's the more affordable prev-gen option strongly colliding with next-gen idea of moving forward. I find it retarded that Next gen owners have to pay more for pretty much the same title. Even Square wasn't that greedy with Tomb Raider Definitive. They just priced it the same for the same amount of content, and even that was bad for some.

Omar911774d ago

2 hours is fine, it just depends on if the price is reasonable with the content. What I don't understand is why is this game 20 bucks on last gen systems and 40 on next gen retail systems? Why is there 3 different price points for this game. It should all be $20 bucks and your set. I don't understand the double increase in cost.

Chapter111774d ago

Even $20 is too much for 2 hours.

chrissx1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Its too short and too expensive. This is pure exploitation and a very bad practise that would def cus more harm than good to video gaming

Gamer-401774d ago

Two Hours, too short?
Absolutely yes, MGS or not..

MightyNoX1774d ago

Too hours, two short.
I think you mean?

Unless you've improved. :3 You've come along way since you've been using "It" for "He"

angelsx1774d ago

That's why my JTAG will try this.

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The story is too old to be commented.