Outlast - Trophy Guide and Roadmap

This Outlast trophy guide and roadmap will help you unlocking all 8 trophies in the game.

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Palitera1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Gotta get them all, but without checking on guides for the don't die trophy.

guitarded771770d ago

Gonna do my virgin play through with no guides, but will probably use this to find all the files on the 2nd play through.

Still cleaning the crap out of my pants from last night's play session.

Palitera1770d ago

I should have taped my wife playing it. I think she will never be that scared again.

mewhy321770d ago

this game is soooooo scary. I'm tellin ya I jumped, squirmed, yelled, got nervous, finally had to stop and play something else before I went to bed.

SteamPowered1770d ago

Nice, I just picked this up on Steam this morning. Looks like I just enjoyed my last peaceful sleep for a while.

DryBoneKoopa851770d ago

Going to need this guide for this weekend. Wife is coming home with my PS4 in just a few short hours and the first thing I'm doing is downloading this game. Can't wait!!!