Dungeon Keeper: What did you expect?

AppSpy's James Gilmour writes: There has been a lot written about the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper over the past week.

There have been tantrums. There have been tears. There have been 1-star reviews. There has even been a scandal relating to the app's rating system which calls the business practises of EA and Mythic Entertainment into question.

The thing is, it was always going to be this way. Dungeon Keeper 2014 was never going to be the game you wanted. Here's why.

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Feocart1775d ago

What was I expecting? A game, not a cow-clicker that forces me to wait 24 hours to progress without spending money.

How does anyone not realize how terrible the business model is for the new Dungeon Keeper? Are some critics and consumers so used to microtransactions that this acceptable? And to think that this is where the future of gaming is heading...

hay1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Exactly. Everyone expected a freaking game instead of extremely boring paywall simulator.

One just have to be plain incredibly stupid to break Dungeon Keeper, because there doesn't seem to be enough evil in the world. Seems to require that extra push.

I just hope there's some EA "feedback" dude scouting for reception, and will copy every single damn negative comment to those greedy reptilian managers(paraphrasing Trevor).

Activemessiah1774d ago

I expected this... because It's EA.

pompombrum1774d ago

It turned out exactly how I expected. Last week I looked at the Android store for the first time since Christmas, was about to download Dungeon Keeper when I saw but then saw EA's logo next to it and stopped myself. Most gamers by now should have had enough experience to know how EA is, anyone expecting anything less than greed personified is being extremely naive.