Infamous: Second Son Vs TitanFall. Why Sony Needs To Press The Gas Pedal

Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece stating that Sony needs to ensure that Infamous: Second Son, and the Order 1886 must deliver with the pending threat of TitanFall. The article mentions new games and ideas that Sony may want to consider to keep their early edge in console sales.


Article has now been updated to include a link to a recent interview with the composer for TitanFall who talks about the gameplay and action in the game. It now also contains a link to a hands on play session the author did with Infamous; Second Son.

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Mikey322301768d ago

Sony...Gas pedal fot marketing their games!?.... not in a million years

Garethvk1768d ago

You have seen that commercial for Perfect Day which shows live action versions of many of their games. They have been more agressive with their marketing this time out and so far it has worked. I would be suprised if they do not continue to push home their advantage.

Angels37851768d ago

Sony needs Microsofts marketing department

They make ANYTHING look good.....imagine if the ACTUALLY had something to work with......

otherZinc1768d ago

TitanFall does have a single player in it...It's just not the traditional single player.

There are 2 sides to complete the single from. Once you complete both sides you can start from any section you select.

Also, you can enter a lobby by yourself & play by yourself.

scott1821768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Is it similar to Unreal Tournament "single player"?

Meltic1768d ago

Titanfall cant even compare to infamous wtf ?. Titanfall was a huge dissapointment to me when they announced that it will be only 6 vs 6 and no SP

VENOMACR12271768d ago

Right because people buy Gears of War, Halo, COD, and BF for the amazing single player that only lasts maybe 8 hours.

Sorry but MP is where it's at and also where the money is. Most games have DLC and that DLC is multiplayer related (new maps, new weapons, etc). I'm glad they went MP only for TitanFall. And why is 6v6 such a problem? Gears of War is 5v5, Ghost Recon Future Soldier was 6v6, BF has a search n destroy game mode that I believe is limited to 5v5. Since when did 32v32 become the norm?

And infamous and titanfall are 2 totally, completely different games, they shouldn't even be in the same sentence together.

LOGICWINS1768d ago

Ur making too much sense man.

*covers ears*

Meltic1768d ago

No i agree they shouldnt be in the same sentence but titanfall have been more interesting if it where a bigger bigger map with like 20 + players and high Buildings to run on and take down to kill eathother.. if i would make a game i would Think that instead of just 6 vs 6 players. To Little. My opinion

WeAreLegion1768d ago

I bought Gears for single player only. The multi-player was good, but I love those campaigns.

Hicken1768d ago

I may be mistaken, but I didn't think Titanfall was Gears, Halo, CoD, or BF. OR Ghost Recon. None of those games is multiplayer only, and advertised that multiplayer as being massive battles that turned out to have more bots than humans.

This last is really the problem. Every bit of coverage we saw of Titanfall made the game out to be replete with large-scale battles. Perhaps not as big as MAG or even Battlefield, but it certainly looked like 12v12 was likely. Turns out it's half that, though there are another 20-odd targets onscreen.

I don't think anybody's believing the game will suck. But lots of people, myself included, are disappointed that the game isn't what it was portrayed to be. That it has ONLY singleplayer doesn't really help things, in that respect, because it comes off as being EXTREMELY light on content/modes.

Ra30301768d ago

"I don't think anybody's believing the game will suck".
The bots suck and that has been confirmed.

VENOMACR12271768d ago

Where was it ever stated that the game was 10v10, or 20v20? All everyone saw were screen shots of 15-20 characters running around. People ASSUMED that it was going to be this massive amount of players.

I think it's better having 6v6 then 12v12. Imagine having 24 titans on the map at the same time, or one team has 10 titans and one team only has 2. The balance would be too great to be competitive. Plus the maps aren't BF size, more COD sized so having a ton of Titans on a small map you wouldn't have room to navigate.

And yes, so far the bots look to be useless except to give you a couple points. But that's something they can adjust. Also, killing a bot is worth much much less than a human which is good.

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Naga1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Given that you've never played the game, it's rather reasonable to presume you don't know what you're talking about at this point. Perhaps you should wait until you try the game before you completely write off what a developer thinks is a good balance.

And you do realize that the game has two campaign stories being told from either perspective *through* the multiplayer experience, right?

hankmoody1768d ago

Play the game. Seriously, play it before you decide to hate it for no good reason. Don't be a thick skulled Sonly loyalist hating the game just to hate. Play it before you decide it's garbage.

zippycup1768d ago

and then theres people like me who other than borderlands 2 arent crazy about fps so to me second son is better than tittanfall

now if you love fps more than of course titanfall would be more up your alley

its all about perspective

LOGICWINS1768d ago

Why is a futuristic FPS with mechs being compared to a present day superhero game?Someone explain this to me.

Garethvk1768d ago

Easy, as they are the two pending signature exclusives for each system. It has nothing to do with the game types but more to do with the fact that each one is the companies biggest salvo as to why you should buy their system. Microsoft went with Titanfall and Sony with Infamous and The Order which are their highest profile pending exclusives.

LOGICWINS1768d ago

But whats the purpose of making this comparison? Is the game that ends up selling the most between TitanFall, The Order, and Infamous supposed to be the "best" one?

I'm not seeing what we are trying to achieve here. Neither game is going to "hurt" the sales of the other.

Garethvk1768d ago

No what we are saying is that each one is the best offering the systems have and their main reason for encouraging people to purchase their system. Sony has the early lead in console and game sales and TitanFall is the first major challenge that they have faced in terms of an exclusive. They are countering with two titles and if successful, they need to make sure to keep pressing home their lead by making new titles that will appeal to a wide range of gamers.

MrDead1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I can play Titanfall on my PC or get it on the 360, you don't need a XBO to play this game which is why I don't think it will be much of a boost to XBO sales.

Infamous and The Order 1886 can only be played on one system which is creating even more demand for the PS4.

linkenski1768d ago

TitanFail will probably get lots of issues because it's EA, Origin and therefore everything regarding DLC is always-online.

I couldn't play Mass Effect 3 for quite a while when a glitch meant Origin wouldn't authorise all my DLC and both SP and MP got completely unplayable for me.

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