Far Cry Classic coming to US via XBL and PSN Feb 11

onPause writes:

Today Ubisoft announced that the original Far Cry will make its return via releases on the PSN and Xbox LIVE as enhanced PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game that started the franchise.

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jetlian1772d ago

Is it like pc version or oxb/xb360

mcroddi1772d ago

It's enhanced and got a new UI.

Skate-AK1772d ago

PC version. This game has never been on console.

jetlian1772d ago

Cool I had oxb one and still have farcry IP for 360.

Baccra171772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

It was on the very first xbox and it was gimped compared to the PC version.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1772d ago

PC version, which is MILES better than the silly ports they originally made.

This is a day one for me, I must have played through this game a dozen times on my PC back in the day...
Just wish it was being released on the new consoles too.

Baccra171772d ago

Yeah we need to know this. Are we getting the PC version, or the gimped version from the original xbox?

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BoNeSaW231772d ago

Always been interested but never played a Far Cry game(besides Blood Dragon that I bought and haven't played yet). So this is a Great time for me to start the series!!

MysticStrummer1772d ago

I picked up FC3 used the other day and have really been enjoying it. I wonder how big a download this is...

Cajun Chicken1772d ago

Wondering if this HD remaster will be coming out on PC. I hear good things about the engine.

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