Top Ten Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Tips

It’s rather annoying that in a world of utterly pointless tutorials, the Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer drops you in the deep end without a word of explanation. Missions are detailed in one line of text, the HUD markers are less than clear and the confusion was not helped by the lack of proximity chat when the game launched.

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JoGam1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I like those tips. I hate it when everyone is the same class and not helping out and other areas like setting spawn points. Since getting the Platinum in BF4 I have now my sights set on KZSF Plat.

emad-E-three1772d ago

Same here I really hate when supports are near me like 10m away and i'm down and they just simply don't care :P team play is the key but some as I said don't care!

I love Shadow Fall and soon the platinum as well, Only about 200 kills left for me for the last 3 abilities (Air Support, Nano Shield and Cloak) so far i'm rank 917 and everything else at maximum :D

bjmartynhak1772d ago

Good tips. Spawn beacons, make use of them.

Set them in a hide spot. Usually inside bushes are the the places. Your team will spawn facing the same position as you were when you placed the beacon. So don't put them against walls or in the opposite direction. You are the Sheppard, and your teammates are the sheep.

And change classes, as pointed by the article. Best option to win games: beacon-turret-anything else you like, repeat.

dcj05241772d ago

Stun drone+The burst SMG (forgot name) and you WILL dominate. Also if you a weapon that has be specs than yours on the ground PICK IT UP. They always rage when a scout has a shotgun lol.

Lotus91772d ago

Need to spend some more time in the Killzone. Hit me up if you want to play. Lotus9

STICKzophrenic1772d ago

These are some great tips. I haven't played much Killzone MP, but I did enjoy what I played.

"Despite Guerrilla claiming everything is unlocked the start there are many attachments and explosives that can only be unlocked by challenges."

I believe Guerilla said all the GUNS are unlocked from the beginning, not that all gadgets and attachments are unlocked.

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