Sledgehammer must reinvent Call Of Duty this year, or blow their golden opportunity

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "Be in no doubt: this is a fantastic decision. Accusations of stagnation are levelled against Call Of Duty on a daily basis, due mainly to the bi-yearly release cycle, meaning that throwing a new studio in the mix should be a perfect opportunity to force franchise detractors to eat their words.

However, Sledgehammer will need to seize this opportunity with both hands if they want to really make a difference and push Call Of Duty forward. In effect, they need to reinvent Call Of Duty by bringing something fresh and new to the table. Ghosts should have done just that, as the first game on next-gen platforms, but it trod water and caught a fair bit of flack in the process.

As I see it, there are two ways that they can fulfil their new mandate."

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pompombrum1775d ago

Reinvent call of duty? That's not going to happen with them. If Activision is smart, they'll handle the reinvention (if they ever try) to Treyarch who are hands down their most talented team when it comes to Call of Duty.