Two Hours, Ground Zeroes and Justifiability

OnlySP: Two hours is a fine length for most movies. It is also usually a perfect stretch for games like Journey and Gone Home to make an impact without overstaying their welcome. But just because it works well in some situations does not make it a one-size-fits-all solution. It has recently been rumoured that the hotly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes can have its core campaign completed in under two hours, though that tally does not include time spent on side-missions or the extraneous console exclusive gameplay segments, which can, allegedly, easily extend that estimate to six hours or more. Arms were flung up in astonishment and across the internet the question echoed, “What the hell?!”

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nintendufus1769d ago

Thanks for drawing the line between Metal Gear Solid and Journey, Gone Home and other short indie experiences. Games that are vastly different can't necessarily take the same form as others. For anybody looking for perspective, imagine if Journey lasted MGS3's ~20 hour playtime.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1768d ago

I'm sure you can play through GZ 8 times 8 different ways. After doing all the stealth routes I'm gonna try running everyone over in the jeep. Same as mgs4. I beat that game once in 4:10:10 but all of the 8 times a played through I found something new to do.

Activemessiah1768d ago

The only solution to this is to wait until GZ gets really cheap THEN buy it... no one is being forced to spend $40

djplonker1768d ago

Movies and journey are £15 max mgs:gz is £40

Why did blockbuster die it would have been perfect to rent :(

Agent20091768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

If one is about to replay it a couple of times (so that 2h becomes 6h or more), then I guess it's worth its price. I paid $25 for a retail version of a 2h-long Journey and I was so amazed by this game that I replayed it at least three times, and I plan on replaying it even more.

My point is, it's better to pay $30 for a 2h masterpiece that you'll eagerly replay and replay, than the same price for a 10h average title that you're just gonna play-and-forget.

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