Sonic Boom's New Design Does Not Replace Modern Sonic the Hedgehog

"Sonic's new looks do not replace the modern Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega has stated."

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Axonometri1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I like the new adventurous look and style. I get it, more importantly, Im sure The boys will Be all over it.

Hopefully they see some exploring, treasure/ring hunting as a core to Boom. Sounds fun.

imXify1773d ago

I'm just happy we'll be able to play as Sonic's friends once again. I was pissed that last gen the only playable character was always Sonic.

-Foxtrot1773d ago

Why, thats what has usually ruined the Sonic games lately, they add so many characters.

All a good Sonic game needs is Sonic, Eggman...and maybe Tails/Knuckles cameos.

SpiralTear1773d ago

I think that the current cast is just right. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Eggman is all I need. Shadow if you're pushing it, but after that, it's overkill to me.

TenkoTAiLS1773d ago


Just wondering why people seem to always include Shadow in the list as if he is important in some way. Wouldn't Metal Sonic be the next on the list of main type characters? Eggman, main baddie, makes evil robots, a double of Sonic that makes sense in universe is Metal Sonic. Not the guy that should have stayed dead after his story was finished in Sonic Adventure 2.

Maybe i am just bitter cause i wanna see more of the old characters get better recognition, like Nack the Weasel, there's a baddie that hasn't been back in forever, one of the only non-rival true nasty animals in the series.

MegaRay1773d ago

I hope so... and I hope Namco do the same with pacman!

GirlOnFire1773d ago

Imagine if Naughty Dog was developing an Sonic game. That would be crazy. ^~^

animegamingnerd1773d ago

well considering how the team that is making this is game is made up of former naughty dog employees this is the closest to it

SegaGamer1773d ago

Good, i am all for making the characters look slightly different, but this is just a step too far.

They slightly changed the character designs when Sonic Adventure was released. I wouldn't mind if they did the same again but not this much.

Dravidian1773d ago

....dude. Knuckles is the only one who went through a major change. Sonic has blue arms, a scarf and sports tape. Tails has goggles and a pouch, and sports tape. Amy has a new dress, a maturer looking face, and sports tape. Not major changes in the least.

Besides, the most important part, gameplay, looks good at the moment. I mean just look at the general response. The only things that concerned people about this game were the cosmetics...the cosmetics. The game looked so fun that that is the only thing they could talk about....and even then most people seem to accept or like it now.

Chrischi19881773d ago

Oh my god, Sonic looks slighty different!!!

No, just joking, who cares? The games are great, why should I care if he wears a scarf or not^^ ?

Shadonic1773d ago

It's not really that its mostly the really jarrish things like how long the legs are or the change in the arm color. The in 2D it looks great and i like it save for the arm color being different even though Amy's is the normal usual one and fits better. On 3D with the little crouching prepareing to attack stance its clear as all hell that his legs are even more freakishly longer than the already freakishly longer legs we were used too. IDK if its just me being being picky after picking up 3D animation and modeling or if its just me being picky as a decent artist and sonic fan. Also when someone brought up a better choice of maybe a backpack for sonic like the one the scout wears would be better and maybe something that stands out more on his arms beside bandages. Knuckles head should be edited more IMO everyone else is ok.

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