The Elder Scrolls Online beta is absolutely nothing special | Massively Preview

Massively writes:

I've always had a profound antipathy toward the Elder Scrolls franchise. Part of this may very well be timing; the first three major installments released when I didn't have a computer that could handle them (I was generally more of a console gamer), and so I've no memories of happily chugging away across Tamriel as a young lad to sustain me. But I've also never seen anything that's reached out and grabbed me, no inspiring bits of lore, no systems that particularly grab my interest, just the promise that "you can do anything you want" without a great deal of encouragement.

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Garethvk1773d ago

I have found it more enjoyable so far than most MMORPG games I have played of late. While it is not my favorite genre, the graphics and gameplay have kept me interested.

mewhy321773d ago

I had bright hopes for this game. I wanted to play but when they went from f2p to pay to play it completely turned me off. I won't be playing this game until it goes free to play.

4logpc1773d ago

If it wasnt $15 a month I would consider it. I feel like it should be cheaper monthly sub without having to pay for the game, or just a flat out $60 dollar title.