Should BioWare Keep Adding Romance to their Games?

BioWare is one video game company that is familiar with stretching the limits of what is acceptable or “well known” in games. They push the envelope with their sexual content and they have often seen backlash from it. However, being one of the only game developers willing to go to these places, they also have a hardcore following from it.

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gameseveryday1768d ago

It depends really. Should make sense in the context.

kamper1767d ago

yeah. That's about right

halocursed1768d ago

Yes, loved the conversations between kotor characters.

kamper1767d ago

me to.. Works well in swtor to

cb8101768d ago

no, not interested in that stuff in a game.

Heisenburger1768d ago

Neither am I. Not at all. However knowing that a certain character had an unrequited love for me always made me want to protect them. Namely Liara from ME.

I love that we have the option. I'm not comfortable with it. So when Liara is coming onto me I have to awkwardly steer the conversation elsewhere. Lol THAT is some serious role-playing there! It feels the way it does in real life, which is uncomfortable. I don't care for "love"(softcore porn) scenes in my movies. But that's where this medium has surpassed the film industry. YOU get to choose. Freedom isn't having everyone forced to do things your way, bro.

I see no reason for them not to only keep that dynamic in, but to expand upon it.

Hicken1768d ago

As long as it doesn't feel tacked on, and isn't shallow, I don't mind it. In fact, I'm all for a good romance in games. GOOD romance.

SMcNu7151768d ago

Absolutely, it's part of the reason why Bioware games are so great. It gets you invested in the characters as well as the game in general.

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