Top 6 Gaming Headsets

Kotaku: We've counted your nominations, and now the time to vote has come. With only one vote separating the 5th and 6th most nominated headsets, and a wide gulf between these top 6 picks and the rest of the pack, we decided to head to the voting round with 6 options.

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AiirJordann231768d ago

i have the astro a50's and im going to the the new headset from sony feb 11th

1768d ago
qu1ckset1768d ago

Why the new sony headset?, the A50 are going to sound much much better!

AiirJordann231768d ago

just to have a secondary headset to ease the wear and tear of my a50's


it's either Astro or death for me....pulse elites are a good second runner up tho.

Milruka1768d ago

Buying headsets is a joke, you get sup par drivers and a sup par mic in a cheap plastic case.

Do yourself a favor and buy good headphones and a proper mic.

Bimkoblerutso1768d ago

Here here.

Get some friggin AKG Q701's for $200 which will give you God-tier positioning, directionality, and clarity, then a cheap Zalman mic which I have found gives comparable performance to all of the dedicated microphones I've used on various "gaming headsets."

kornbeaner1768d ago

Unless you are shoutcaster or streaming on a regular basis investing in separate super quality equipment is over the top for most gamers.


I own two pair of great headphones with great mics also ...they're called Astro A50's. I noticed you did't share any info on the headsets you use.

P.S. also own the pulse elites too..thank god I can now use them on my PS4!

Milruka1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I have a set of DT-770 Pro 250 ohm, a set of HD 598s, both hooked into a TEAC A-H01 DAC/AMP, And my mic is a basic desk microphone that doesn't remotely sound like garbage.

This $10 desk mic sounds better than every one of those "top" 6 gaming headset mics.

Also the mic on the A50 sounds just bad, It records nothing but treb and has a good amount of annoying mic hiss. which is laughable for a $500 plastic headset.

Bimkoblerutso1768d ago

The A50 is fine, it's just priced ridiculously.

The point here is that even if you just wanted to invest in entry level "audiophile" equipment (some quality entry-level headphones, a cheap Fiio DAC/AMP, and something like a Zalman mic or desktop mic), you would STILL be getting much, much better performance than you would out of the A50's for about the same price.

Elwenil1768d ago

And none of those "Top Gaming Headsets" have true surround sound. Stereo is useless and "virtual surround sound" is just stereo through an EQ, which is just as useless. I should have known better than to expect something worth reading from Kotaku.

SSJBen1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Put on a pair of stereo headphones, disable all the nonsense DSPs and EQ from your soundcard, and then listen to this -

If, after this you say virtual surround sound is just as useless, then yes for you; HRTF is indeed useless. If not, then stop spewing bs. :)

Oh and yeah, gaming headsets are indeed stupid for how much they cost. That I agree.

Elwenil1768d ago

Sorry pal but that's a far cry from what my old Turtle Beach X-51 surround headphones can do in a real game. There is no substitute for true surround sound with separate drivers and separate channels. Virtual surround is just software and is a poor imitation. Anyone who has experienced both can easily tell the difference. One sounds more like real life, the other makes direction muddled and harder to identify quickly. In a FPS, being able to hear that guy sneaking behind you quickly can be the difference between getting a win or a loss.

SSJBen1767d ago

Uh huh.... and you'd assume everyone lives in a bangalow too right? You'd also assume everyone does not need to be considerate and everyone has pockets as deep as Bill Gates right?

Good for you that your TB X51 sounded better though...

level 3601768d ago

Still agree there with Bimkoblerutso. Those AKG's have great audio clarity for your cd's/music downloads/gaming/movies and are very comfortable plus still be affordable. For around $230.00 Zalman included compared with $300 for the Astro, that's a $70 difference.

I also own Pulse Elite which I bought for the simple reason I own a PS3 and will soon be getting a PS4 plus they are wireless so I can use them without interfering the neighbors at night.

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