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The Dumbest Game Names Square Enix Ever Inflicted on Us

Wired: Today is the North American release date for Bravely Default, a fine role-playing game with a terrible title. What does it even mean? How is someone supposed to remember it to ask for it by name at a store? This is simply the modus operandi of Square Enix, a Japanese software publisher that used to give its software elegant English monikers like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest and now just strings a bunch of English words together with no thought for how they will sound to native speakers.

Bravely Default is pretty bad, but it’s not the worst. In celebration of the release of this (again, really good) game, we present the 7 dumbest Square Enix game names so far, in ascending order of stupid (3DS, Bravely Default, Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy X-2, Infinite Undiscovery, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Nintendo DS, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360)

SteamPowered  +   435d ago
Those are all pretty terrible names. But damned if they dont grow on you. We must miss quite a bit during translation.
KonsoruMasuta  +   435d ago
Wait? How was Final Fantasy X-2 a bad name?
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MoveTheGlow  +   435d ago
You have to click on the fullscreen button to get their reasoning. For X-2:

"What's the name of the sequel to Final Fantasy X? Final Fantasy XI? Ha ha, that's just what a simpleton like you would say! No, the sequel to Final Fantasy X is of course Final Fantasy X-2. This of course introduces confusion: Is the character X a Roman numeral 10, or is it an ex? This is not nearly as difficult a conundrum as what awaits, though."

This was the first time they did that, but I think they proved with later numbered sequels that it's a fine naming convention.

Actually, I think that's the only good thing XIII ever did for RPG's. Solidified sequel naming conventions. Congrats, XIII.
Tsuru  +   435d ago
X-2 is correct. its not confusing. This is what the hyphen is for. Final Fantasy 10-2. 10 is X thus X-2. How is this dumb or confusing? Its exactly as it should be.
MoveTheGlow  +   435d ago
Hey, at least they had the brains to remove "Flying Fairy" as a subtitle - for a while, we thought we were getting "Bravely Default: Flying Fairy," which to me is kinda like saying "The Last of Us: Ladders," or "Bioshock Infinite: Anachronistic Songs."
NarooN  +   434d ago
Call of Duty: Gunfighting Men
Detoxx  +   434d ago
Mirrors Edge: Running & Jumping
Tewi-Inaba  +   434d ago
Diablo III:A Terrible Game
Ilovetheps4  +   435d ago
That was a terrible list in my opinion. I can't even believe they said Bravely Default is a dumb name. If they have played the game, they know the meaning behind the name. It's rather clever when you play the game. Birth By Sleep is a good name as well as 358/2 Days. I'm also not sure what's wrong with Final Fantasy X-2's name. It's a sequel to 10 hence X-2. I just don't understand most of this list.
MoveTheGlow  +   435d ago
Their argument has more to do with the initial enticement of an audience, not what it means later on - and in that way, I think it works.

They had said "Bravely Default sounds like something a person might say as they are having a stroke." I'd rather argue "Bravely Default sounds like a bad option someone has when they pass their student loan grace period," but whatever, Wired.
Nerdmaster  +   434d ago
Dude, I love(d) Square, but we must admit that the names they create are terrible. Even if they do "make sense" for the game, it doesn't make them less bad. I love Theatrhythm, but even I admit that this is an unpronounceable and terrible name. And even if you love Kingdom Hearts, you have to admit that 358/2 Days is also a terrible name.

And even though I loved Bravely Default's demo and I'll buy it today when I get home from work, I didn't care about this game at all because of its stupid name. I only decided to try the demo and whatnot after I discovered that it's a 4 Heroes of Light "sequel" without the Final Fantasy name.
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Kashell  +   435d ago
...is this a joke? FFX-2? IU? Kingdom Hearts: BBS?

And, fun fact, Bravely Default actually makes sense for the title. You can chose to Brave or Default in battle. So, yeah.
Irishguy95  +   435d ago
But can you choose to bravely default??

What does that even mean? Something is defaulted in a brave way?

Infamous -> Electric zapper
Halo -> Shoot jump
Gran turismo -> Drive Drive
Final Fantasy -> Active time battle

Names should be named from well, what is a good name that suits the game? Not elements of the combat system
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MoveTheGlow  +   435d ago
It is kinda like *actually* calling Megaman "Jump n' Shootman" instead of Sequelitis doing it as a joke, but I'm still fine with the title.
Hicken  +   434d ago

In any case, I rarely have problems with titles. Now, if they've got NOTHING to do with the game, I have a problem, but I can't think of any that come across like that right now. This list isn't that, at all, in my opinion.
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One_Eyed_Wizard  +   435d ago
Really, article? I thought Bravely Default was kind of a catchy title. First time I saw it I went "wait, what?" and started researching about it. It's not terrible. Strange, yes but not terrible.
Nerdmaster  +   434d ago
"the name turns out to refer to two of the commands in the game's battle menu. I guess it could be worse, then, since they could have named it "Run Item" instead."

Laughed really hard to this.
NarooN  +   434d ago
I lmao'd at the 358/2 Days one. I remember when I was around my Kingdom Hearts-loving friends, I'd always make fun of the ridiculously insane names Squeenix would come up with. "So, did you beat Kingdom Hearts Three-Hundred Fifty-Eight Divided By Two yet?"

Never had any FUCKING IDEA it was actually pronounced "Three Five Eight Over Two". I just don't even
JonnyBigBoss  +   434d ago
I like Bravely Default...
Chrono  +   434d ago
The producer Asano clarified this in a Kotaku interview.

Kotaku: "Here in North America, the first reaction to the name Bravely Default is "whoa that's a weird name" because it sounds very bizarre in English. Did you guys realize how strange it sounds in English, and did you ever want to change the title in the West because of that?"

Asano: "As I mentioned earlier, we were really designing this game with Japanese RPG fans in mind, so the fact that the title might have sounded a little bit strange in English wouldn't have been a problem for us at that time when we were thinking about only Japanese fans as the audience. But when we decided that we would be doing a localized version, we did have a discussion about whether to change the title to something that might sound a little more acceptable in English. But the issue for us was that people in the US already knew about the game because it was so well received in Japan. And they knew it by that title. So we decided to keep that title.

But ultimately I feel like because it is a JRPG and we really are trying to reference some classic feeling from JRPG titles, I think that having a title like this communicates that content pretty well to the market also."

worldwidegaming  +   434d ago
Its culture. English in Japan is not the same and neither are the Japanese. I guess this kind of thinking comes from the same view that everyone on earth should speak English...

I for one am very happy that these companies stopped changing the name of their titles...if its weird and different then cool but to say it's stupid? Some of the coolest anime have stupid names.
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Inception  +   434d ago
This is one of the dumbest article i ever read -_-
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   432d ago
Bravely Defauly : Lying Airy
kingdom18  +   429d ago
What's wrong with Birth by Sleep....? Although I have to agree completely with Infinite Undiscovery, even though I enjoyed, that is one weird name, can't firuge out what the title has to do with the game.

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