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Shanklish writes: If you were to tell me that there was going to be another big budget, subscription based MMO coming out soon, I would've told you it would never make it. In a time of increasingly profitable and popular free-to-play titles and a decreasing number of MMO subscribers, it's definitely not the best time to launch another one, especially one of this scale.

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RamsesNum11770d ago

sweeeet, cant wait dude.

RashBandicoot1770d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to try this.

SteamPowered1770d ago

TESO and I can be friends once they drop the monthly fee.

KonsoruMasuta1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

And that might be a long time from now, depending on how it does when it's released.

mdluffy1770d ago

Subscription based games can still make allot of money, take a look at something like EVE online.

SteamPowered1770d ago

Yeah, that may be. But I prefer a Modded Skyrim on my PC to a new Online Subscription game. A modded Skyrim will make that game look terrible by comparison, and its a one-time fee. Not enough perks for me to pay a monthly subscription.

tablav1770d ago

You want a constantly evolving game, you pay for it. Go and play F2P if you want and enjoy all the micro-transactions.

I hate to break it to you, but TESO is playing very nicely and it's not going to go F2P.

Deividas1770d ago

No thanks. All the reviews of people that have played it say its really not that good. They just slapped "Elder Scrolls" on a generic MMO and called it a day to make some money. Its boring.

RamsesNum11770d ago

Sure, it's going to feel like any MMO. There are certain features that are pivotal to that genre, so you're bound to run into a few similarities.

But that "slap" is what separates it from the rest, for a fan of the franchise, it's great. Plus the first person mode really makes quite the difference.

wannabe gamer1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

ive played it in the last 3 betas and i can say this is not true. all thes "review" people you speak of are way off and you should form your own opinion and stop letting others spoonfeed you their opinions as fact

oh and PCgamer stopped being a good source a longtime ago. they have the worst writers and often post half assed info and do not play games enough to be relevant.
example is the dayz to rust to 7 days comparison where they completely dogged 7 days and got tons of info wrong as if they watched someone elses lets play and then passed it off as they had played it themselves. it was seriously laughable how much misinformation they had and just plain wrong facts

Deividas1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

What are you talking about? That entire 15 min review of what the played was spot on of all the problems i have with the game. There are too many mmo's and they are all identical. Elder scolls is great because there is just so many things to do and every playthrough is dfferent. This is just a rehash of the same old thing over and over. "Yay, go collect 7 piles of this" or "yay go talk to this guy and collect this" There is nothing new to this game. They implemented a First Person View, which is great, if you wanna do the same thing over and over from a different angle.

Ive played almost every MMO and its gets old very very fast. Just because it has an Elder Scrolls brand next to it, doesnt make it good. The only reason to play this over lets say Rift, is because it has Elder Scrolls in the title. And thats still not worth me paying a monthly fee. It would be worth it if I play it every single day...but the chances of me personally playing this every single....not a chance. Especially when I can just go play Guild Wars 2 or Rift for free every month and get the same thing.

I play Skyrim with 100+ mods and would still rather play that, for free, then pay to play this game.

tablav1770d ago

Due to NDAs obviously can't reveal specifics, but I have played it an it feels every bit an Elder Scrolls game. Like any MMO though, it will grow over time.

I've been playing FF14 lately and whilst it's great, it feels small compared to FFXI because of all of the years of development.

sgtGanGreen1770d ago

This is some boring game lol

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