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Reflections: The Division "Snowdrop" Engine Is A Beauty

Pauline Jacquey of Ubisoft Reflections reveals that the Snowdrop engine is both amazing for its visual results in The Division and for its ease of use. (Pauline Jacquey, PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections, Xbox One)

theDivision  +   415d ago
Cannot wait for this game. Just wish they allowed a split screen as well.
Alexious  +   415d ago
Split screen is dying, sad as it may be.
parentsbasement  +   415d ago
It is sad , as a dad with an 11 year old , split screen is some quality time.....
theDivision  +   414d ago
Agreed. It's super sad with brothers and roommates who have very similar interests in gaming and overlapping free time. It takes away from the immersion for me to watch my roommate or brother play dark souls or any game for 3 hours and then me to go through those same levels. I enjoy hanging out with them but have to choose between them or not spoiling the surprise of the game
medman  +   415d ago
E3 may very well kill me altogether.
webeblazing  +   415d ago
cant wait for the pc vers hopefully the push it to the max if not ill get it when the price drop. too many games, so if someone half ass they get put on the back burner.
karamsoul  +   415d ago
The Division is one of my most anticipated games coming out!

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