Respawn Explains How You Can Easily be Part of Titanfall Beta

"The drip feed of Titanfall news continues with the reveal that 'most players' will be able to get into the beta."

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Ron_Danger1768d ago

Well based off of the track record of the individuals working on it (all ex infinity ward devs) just buying the game at launch gets you into the beta that day. Then, in a year or two when the sequel comes out, you'll have the option to buy Titanfall [beta] 2...

The sad part is people won't get the sarcasm in my comment and disagree, and they'll be the same people who buy CoD every year thinking (hoping) that "this year will change... This year will be the year!!"

pompombrum1768d ago

What? I don't recall ever having a problem with IW developed Call of Duty games.. maybe the odd bug here and there but nothing on the same scale as Battlefield 4's release.

GryestOfBluSkies1768d ago

my biggest problem with cod (from either developer) is that its basically the same game every year. i think thats what Ron_Danger meant as well

Septic1768d ago

@GryestofBlusklies lot do realise that the old Infinity Ward created Modern Warfare 1 and 2 and departed after MW2 was created right? MW2 was not a copy and paste of MW1. It was significantly different from the first.

Ron_Danger1768d ago


Some examples since you're the only person in the universe who can't "recall ever having a problem"

Modern Warfare:

Modern Warfare 2:

Modern Warfare 3:

You were saying...

Septic1768d ago


Oh you pulled some videos of games having glitches?

I can pull a video of almost any game having glitches.

1. Go to Youtube

2. Insert Game Name and type Glitch

3. Paste link on N4G to back-up so-called 'evidence' of rushed games.

MW1 and 2 were brilliant. They had problems yeah but they weren't betas that's for sure. I know because I was playing them day one (care package glitch etc).

Irishguy951768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Modern warfare 3 wasn't developed by IW Ron Danger, only in name> Infinity ward name is owned by Activision. The staff of IW left and formed Respawn after Modern Warfare 2

Also, there were bugs, but none that was ridiculous and game breaking. They were just annoying bugs that popped up every once in a while. Every single game has glitches until they are fixed by a patch(or not). Every single one. Name you favorite games from the past 5 years and i'll show you a 'glitch' from youtube on it. Cod4 and MW2 were made solid

Edit - lol, keep looking for excuses to trash the game Ron danger. Your intentions are pretty clear already. The game looks amazing. Nuff said.

EA =/= **** games(BF, Mass effect etc)
MS =/= **** games(Halo)
Old IW = Great games

Titanfall = Universal praise by all who play. Even the Alpha didn't have any 'big' bugs.

Not too mention, anyone EA have managed to **** up, have been owned by EA. Titanfall has clearly not been rushed by EA. A few misteps from greedy EA does not mean they make nothing but **** games. Bad company 2, Mass effect series, Dragon age, among many others, have all been regarded as amazing

"I feel like we are in a fucking era where everyone is so focused on subscriber numbers and all that stuff that we need to get back to what I feel like we did so much better in the old days of just plain good will, like stuff like the LAN patch, yeah it is lower priority but let’s get it out the fucking door. Let’s just do it."

Quote from Robert bowling after he left Activision. Clearly Po'd about Activisions and the fact that he couldn't do what he wanted with regards to patching a game

Ron_Danger1768d ago

Ok... Disregard the MW3 vids then... But I hope you all enjoy playing a game being funded, developed, and published by the greatest group ever: MS, EA, and ex-IW devs.

Let's see... MS tried to strip gamers rights, EA is a multiple recipient of worst company in America, and the ex-IW devs are cool with cheaters infecting their games.

Septic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"Let's see... MS tried to strip gamers rights, EA is a multiple recipient of worst company in America, and the [rage rant]"

Flippin eck. You really have a positive world view don't you?

I played MW1 and 2 and had some of the best moments in those games. They were great games and both made by the original IW. You, on the hand seemed to have a terrible experience, and I'm sorry for that. But you need to relax or dry your eyes mate and chill. Let's see how it turns out yeah?

I'm not having a go at you but right now this is what you're coming off as:

(Yes, it's Friday and I have too much time on my hands).

Ron_Danger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


Last comment here for me so I'll just wrap it up. I could care less about Titanfall but I'm a gamer and I try to read as much as I can about games cause I love gaming (kind of like how guys that are into cars read a lot of car magazines and go to car websites, and like how guys that are into model trains are lonely). Like you said, it's Friday, and when I clicked in the article, I noticed there were no comments. So I did what any sarcastic bored on a Friday person would do on the internet and I started posting your basic run of the mill tenderloin comments that a "Pony" would post just wondering who would latch on. Thanks for the laughs internet...

I also want to point out that every comment posted on this page (mine included) are just repeats of past comments from other article comment sections which is why this is so funny.

Also, my foil hat is much larger than that... How else am I supposed to block the mind rays from the spaghetti monster god?

Septic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

"Like you said, it's Friday, and when I clicked in the article, I noticed there were no comments. So I did what any sarcastic bored on a Friday person would do on the internet and I started posting your basic run of the mill tenderloin comments that a "Pony" would "


So that's one hour of my life I won't get back.

At least I leveled up my meme making skills (+345xp)

"I could care less about Titanfall "

wannabe gamer1768d ago

what!!! u must have forgotten when MW2 came out and it was so bugged that hackers/glicthers had their way with it so badly that you couldnt get in a match without having it ruined by them

dcj05241767d ago

Dude MW2 was a mess. Cod1,2 and4 were fine though.

PAYNEinc851767d ago

MW2? When that game first came out you couldn't stay in a lobby with your friends for more than a few games. Not to mention all of the broken things that never got fixed. Weapon unbalances etc.

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Septic1768d ago


Yeah because MW1 and 2 were glorified betas right?

This guy...

Dlacy13g1768d ago

LOL...bubbles for the good laugh this morning!

Ron_Danger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Sorry Septic... I just assumed that adults on this site understood learning from their mistakes. I loved the first MW... That is until everyone started using aim bots, and wall clipping, and hacked save files and IW did nothing about it. So I stopped playing it... Then MW2 came out and it was great, until the same thing happened and IW did nothing about it cause they were too busy working on cash grab map packs to care about fixing glitches. So I've been done with CoD since then cause I've learned from my mistakes.

I don't hide behind memes that other people created.

Septic1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )


I spent A LOT of time playing MW2. I got 150 nukes on the game. I don't know what platform you were playing on but I only came across hackers a total of 3-4 times in my several days of play.

The wall clipping issue did exist actually but mostly in the first expansion pack. And yes, they never really recitified it but that's because the original IW team was departing as West and Zampella were in the middle of their battle with Activision.

MW2 was a brilliant game, an instant classic and no where near as broken as you make it out to be.

If Titanfall is like MW1 and 2, I'll be more than happy. I'm not saying IW are perfect, but they aren't as inept as you make them out to be.

" I just assumed that adults on this site understood learning from their mistakes."

Adults DO understand that. Adults DON'T however, throw their toys out of the pram prematurely.

Fishy Fingers1768d ago

Got more hours in COD than I can to mention across multiple platforms. Can't say I saw many hackers. Maybe a hand full of times. Impressive when you consider the size of the fanbase.

Some of you guys who claim the game to be under siege from them must be incredibly unlucky. Or more than likely, drama queens.

Rachel_Alucard1767d ago

The idea is basically telling people what they've heard a thousand times won't change their minds about it, you have to tell them new things about said thing for it to have any effect on the way they think about it.

And some people are so enamored with said thing they disregard anyone who tries to reason.

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JasonKCK1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Ron_Danger your jealous is showing. I'll give you credit for trying to come up with new ways to hate on Titanfall. As the release date gets closer you PS guys get more desperate.

On topic. I can't wait for the PC beta. Been a while since I logged on my Origin account.

Sleepless1768d ago

Why does always a hater write the first comment??? Do you sleep on your keyboard or something??

takohma1767d ago

@Sleepless lmao good one. I do notice that a lot on here. Although I was able to be the first or maybe it was the second in a article before can't remember it only happened once lol. I was unemployed at the time lmao. Maybe this guy is.

Thatlalala1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Those were Biowares games and they were well into development before EA bought them, ME1 was produced my MGS (Microsoft) shortly after EA bought Bioware, that was the day the industry lost its soul. Still hate them for it,and forever will. Look at what they did those franchises now. EA sucks, Titanfall will be good, but they will kill it, don't worry.

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user95970821768d ago

No they haven't. Misleading title.

Fishy Fingers1768d ago

I hope I get into the beta. This is looking to be my go to multiplayer shooter for a while and I'm craving some hands on time.

Patrick_pk441768d ago

Jesus Christ, the comment section is filled with COD drones, no wonder you all love Titanfall.

Swiggins1768d ago

Maybe we enjoy things that are fun? Did you ever think of that?

Thatlalala1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Cod is not fun. Its like your getting your Dick bit during a blow job, it hurts you know you should stop but hey at least your not masturbating. Who killed the innovation in games? you and your friends who think getting your Dick bit during a blow job is alright. Tier 2 plebs....

Swiggins1767d ago

Didn't even mention CoD, this thread is about Titanfall, which you might notice if you we're stroking your "hardcore gamer" ego so hard.

It must be pretty cold down in that basement huh?

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