Naughty Dog Will Spill Their Secrets at GDC 2014 with a Whopping Nine Panels

Considering that Naughty Dog won a whoping ten top honors including Game of the Year yesterday night at the D.I.C.E. awards, it's not so surprising that they're considered by the industry as relevant source of information and learning. And the best thing is that they're willing to share.

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Chaostar1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

And thus the Naughty Gods did descend from the stars to bestow upon humanity the knowledge and wisdom of the ages.


amiga-man1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Naughty dog the cream of a very impressive list of talented studios owned by Sony, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Guerrilla games, Santa Monica to name a few, all great studios.

With that sort of quality you just know theres some amazing stuff waiting to be unleashed.

medman1773d ago

The best thing about Sony's phenomenal developers is their willingness to take chances and experiment with concepts in games, and Sony's willingness to not meddle and let them do what they do. It has produced the best games of the last generation, and undoubtedly will produce the best of the ps4 generation. Greatness awaits!

amiga-man1773d ago

medman couldn't agree more, Sony give the developers the freedom to explore and like you say take chances which is the reason we see such great innovation in their games.

M$ come across as the exact opposite.

TimeSkipLuffy1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

This game alone justifies any PS3 purchase to date and in the future! As a supporter of the Playstation brand I feel great that ND is part of the PlayStation family ^^

esemce1773d ago

Yeah I hope they give us another 4 epic games for the PS4, I can not get enough of UC or TLoU.

Why I bought a PS4:

TLoS sequel/ prequel or spinoff
The Last gaurdian.

combatcash1773d ago

Is the last guardian actually going to release this time around?

Bathyj1773d ago

Gaming industry take notes.

majiebeast1773d ago

Ken Levine will be in the front row taking so many notes.

pyramidshead1773d ago

To be honest, I hope so haha. As much as the storyline denies it I still want a proper 'next gen' BioShock game. All those plasmids and particle effects *0*.

Bathyj1773d ago

And Bathyspheres. First time I played that I thought it stole my name like in an RPG.

pyramidshead1773d ago

I advise people to watch 'Grounded'. It's pretty much a nice lengthy behind the scenes vid of development. Shows how much detail on every aspect they crammed into this game. Brilliant stuff.

DOMination-1773d ago

Naughty Dog have never made a good game imo

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