'PS4 & Xbox One Held Back By Last-Gen'

NowGamer: "Sniper Elite 3 head of art Chris Payton talks about the difficulty of developing a cross-generational game and says the the Xbox One and PS4 are held back by the Xbox 360 and PS3."

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CertifiedGamer1769d ago

I agree that PS3 and Xbox 360 are holding back the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power but does anybody actually expect developers to not want to release their games on the strongest platform in the generation of HD remakes. Last generation helped out this generation out by pumping out Blockbuster games sales wise from the get, even though they aren't as graphically impressive as they could be. Ghost and Assassins Creed are prime examples of that. This is the first generation that from day one they had games on demand.

raWfodog1769d ago

I was disappointed to learn that Shadows of Mordor was also being developed for the PS3 and 360 but it is understandable from a developers point of view. Ideally they shouldn't hold back content from the newer gen consoles but economically they have to make the best decisions that they can.

theDivision1769d ago

I am just disappointed certain games aren't being brought to X1 and PS4 that aren't even out yet for PS3 and X360. They are missing out on my money, I would have two more pre orders (at least) for dark souls 2 and south park if they were coming to the PS4. Just a shame really. I won't pay the 60 for dark souls 2 and then another 60 just for the ability to get the full experience (xbox live)

vikingland11769d ago

This is why exclusives are important, nothing holds them back.

Gore-Content1769d ago

Totally agree. If it wasn't developed for last gen, Thief could have been so much more and wouldn't suffer from graphical issues as people claim.

OutcastMosquito1769d ago

You have to remember, most of the sales will probably come from last-gen consoles so it would be wise for developers to keep making games for 360 and PS3. I do agree with you though, current-gen only games will be way more plentiful in the coming years and I can't wait!

Ju1769d ago

Thief could be so much better if they'd ditch UE3, regardless of platform.

hollabox1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I can see that, happened last gen as well with games being developed with Xbox and PS2 as the lead platforms. When developers are good and done with last gen I expect some amazing looking sound titles come the end of 2015 until this cycle is done. Biggest loser will be the Wii U, made with less than ideal CPU horsepower and ram, paired with a decent DX10+ GPU. I can't see any developers using less than DX11 class engines by 2016 as PS3/XB360 support start to dwindle.

level 3601768d ago

PS4 is selling like hotcakes and PS3 having the best games send-off of all Sony consoles?

What do you mean holding back?