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Sega Reveals Sonic: Lost World Shipped Numbers

"A day after the release of Sonic Boom, Sega Sammy has revealed some shipped data for its games. Keep in mind that “shipped” means sold to retailers, but not necessarily sold to consumers, so take all numbers with a grain of salt" -- Nintendo Enthusiast. (3DS, Sonic: Lost World, Wii U)

CPTN MITCHELL  +   417d ago
sonic and mario need to retire
miyamoto  +   417d ago
I love Sonic over Mario anyday but Nintendo is the best franchise keeper and Sega is the worst in history.
Mario Kart
Samash Bros

compared to
Streets of Rage
Virtua Fighter
Phantasy Star
Golden Axe
Shen Mue

what happened to these Sega franchises compared to Nintendo's?
NightStalker33  +   417d ago
Why? They seem to be selling moderately, seeing how platformers are essentially dead.
Chrischi1988  +   417d ago
This stupid sentence needs to retire.

Just because Sony or MS have not nearly as much and as good and as influential mascots, as nintendo does. Mod Nation Racers is a nice game, has no mascots and because of that has no chance against the likes of Mario Kart.
MegaRay  +   416d ago
Sonic... no
Mario... he need a redesign (in my opinion) but he dont need to retire xP

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