Titanfall to Get “Full Beta Details” Early Next Week; Testing Will be Worldwide

Many are waiting for information about the beta of Titanfall, and finally Respawn Entertainment announced a window for when you’re going to get some: Early next week. Testing will be worldwide, so no matter where you live, you'll have a chance.

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SWayne1623d ago

Thanks Abriael, Ive been waiting for this bit of news.

Irishguy951623d ago

Indeed, go Respawn would be more appropriate. Thank the gods EA don't own them.

christocolus1623d ago

Finally. I get to try it out for myself....nice

Qwagy UK1623d ago

I wonder why! Bf4 cough cough!

xFaRt0fwAr1623d ago

YES! Can't wait to play again, I was lucky enough to get to play the Alpha.

Legacy2121623d ago

I know I am having severe withdrawal from the alpha. I played the shit out of it and loved every minute. Hyped for the beta to get back in my titan and whoop everyone. Its too bad I couldnt record the crazy matches I had in the alpha! I guess my memory of the matches will do

princejb1341623d ago

What was your impression with the controls?
What would you rate this game based on the alpha?

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