2014's Call of Duty described as the "best ever created"

Sledgehammer Games revealed as developer of this year's installment; Activision moving to a three-year, three-studio development cycle for Call of Duty titles.

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ArchangelMike1321d ago

Well, first lets see if they update the game engine. But I'll bet my last penny, it still won't win any GOTY awards, or infact be genuinely innovative.

I just can't see Activision allowing the COD teams to change the formula of their 'secret sauce', especially now when it has Destiny under it's belt.

GuyThatPlaysGames1320d ago

I've been a long time Cod fan but I must say that Ghosts was the worst installment BY FAR!!!!

The_Infected1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Titanfall will be the new addictive fun shoote. CoD sucks! After Ghost I'll never touch that shit again.

truefan11320d ago

COD is most likely done, people didn't enjoy Ghosts very much and COD will be competing with Titanfall, Destiny, and a Future Halo. I still enjoyed my experiences with MW, MW2, BO, and BO2.

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IHassounah1321d ago

I heard that this cod game that is being developed by SledgeHammer games is in the works for 5 years , of course it will be the best cod game if that turns out to be true , after all this was in the works from like 2009

caseh1320d ago

Aliens: Colonial Marines was in development from 2007, that worked out well didn't it.

Only other game which they have had a hand in was MW3, which was also sh*t. Not gonna hold my breath.

IHassounah1320d ago

aliens : CM was transferring development like every year , it wasn't from the same developer that it began with , but Sledge Hammer was in the works for this title from 2009 , and I also have hope for it cause the head of the studio is from the ones who created Dead Space 1 .

Flipgeneral1320d ago

Its headed by the main leads who worked on the original dead space (which was in my top 5 games of last generation).. so despite how jaded ive become with CoD, this may add new life to the franchise

-Foxtrot1321d ago

Yup...that's right guys do whatever you can to stay relevant

I hope this franchise dies out for good this year

Metamorph931320d ago

We all know games like CoD and BF aren't going to die out this year. Possibly lose a few fans but not die out. There are too many people that like to rage, make other people rage, camp, spawn camp, shoot, flip, nosedive, become a dolphin, and anything else imaginable under the sun that has to deal with FPS games.

dcj05241320d ago

Why did you say BF? Just COD. EA needs to be bought by another company though because we all know BF4 should've been delayed. But no only cod should die.

Beastforlifenoob1320d ago

From article:
"Also of note, Activision revealed today that it is moving to a three-year, three-studio development cycle for Call of Duty titles. Previously, the franchise was developed on a two-year interval. Infinity Ward launched games during odd-numbered years, while Treyarch released titles during even-numbered years.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg said this move will allow developers to have extra time to not only create new features to help push the brand forward, but also so they can spend more time polishing each games. Installments in the Call of Duty franchise will still be released on a yearly basis."

If they actually follow up on this it will be either the best or worst decision they have ever made

Riderz13371320d ago

Call of Duty dev claims next Call of Duty is best Call of Duty ever.


SpartanBerdi1320d ago

I claim my penis is the best penis ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.