Flappy Bird Is So Simple, And Horrendously Addictive For Good Reason

From eGamer, "Lately I’ve been playing Flappy Bird on my Android device to great distaste and infuriation. Challenging casual games tend to infuriate me, but Flappy Bird by .GEARS Studio (otherwise known as Dong Nguyen) does this by its very design. My experience with the game has led me down a Flappy path of addiction as I constantly attempt to best my score. The game has one simple mechanic you’re a stupid looking bird with flight-dysfunction that needs to progress through a series of Super Mario style pipes without hitting them. Flappy Bird requires the player to tap the screen in a rhythmic fashion to keep Flappy flying, and not bumping into Mario pipes or plummeting to the ground unceremoniously".

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WatDoesTheStarFoxSay1771d ago

Flappy bird is so bad it's good. Nintendo could sue them too if they wanted to.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1770d ago

Sue them for using green pipes? I don't think they can copy-write that. Lol

Soldierone1771d ago

It seriously annoys the hell out of me, but I still start it up when I'm bored lol

Agent_hitman1770d ago

I completely agree. I like this game

WeAreLegion1770d ago

I don't find it addicting. It doesn't have a mechanic that pulls me in. Cut the Rope, Bad Piggies, and Cover Orange are addicting to me.