IGN: Going Hands-On With The Last of Us DLC, Left Behind

Colin Moriarty has played The Last of Us upcoming single-player DLC entitled Left Behind, and in many ways, it met expectations. Here is a pointed praise and criticism for next week’s review, but let’s just say that Left Behind – a brief prequel to the events of the main game -- gives you a few more hours to play The Last of Us and experience it in a new way, and that alone will make playing it a worthwhile endeavor.

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GribbleGrunger1768d ago

Pre-ordered and ready to download! This sounds very nice indeed.

BiggCMan1768d ago

Do you need the main game for this or is it stand alone?

GribbleGrunger1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

You require the main game too, yes.

... I think I know what's coming.

BiggCMan1768d ago

Alright then damn. My friend has to buy it again or something. I don't lend my games out haha.

GribbleGrunger1768d ago

It's currently going for $19.00 on PSN so now would be a good time to grab it.

FamilyGuy1767d ago

I wish more DLC would release as stand alone chunks.

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serratos271768d ago

Colin is just pumping us all up for this DLC. So stoked to play it come the 14th. Definitely going to take my time and enjoy every moment I have playing Ellie and Riley's story arc.