Flappy Bird 2: Features We’d Like To See

Touch Tap Play writes: "Since we heard that Flappy Bird is making $50,000 per day for its developer, it became pretty obvious that we’ll get the chance to play Flappy Birds 2, the sequel to the most surprisingly popular game on iOS. And strangely, most of my friends are already talking about the next game in the series and features they’d like to see implemented."

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ElementX1771d ago

I am so tired of Flappy Bird articles!

Ratty1771d ago

No kidding. The other day I was in the bus when I first saw my first glimpse of that stupid video toy (no way I'm calling it a game) in the hands on some ordinary-looking college girl. I knew as soon as I saw the ripped off assets and simplicity that I was not going to hear the end of it. I knew we'd get countless articles of it on n4g and well... It happened. Plus, I am not shitting you, my girlfriend actually got it just to check out what it was (without me even mentioning it to her) last night. My life has been grey, hollow and sad ever since I saw this thing.

KakashiHotake1771d ago

Is this even the kind of game that needs a sequel?

Ratty1771d ago

The greatest features I can think of are:

1. To stop existing
2. To stop being game news

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